April 25, 2013

Today's Stuttering Quote (26.04.2013)

A valuable precondition for a successful therapy is the
deep inner conviction of the stutterer in the manageability
of his disorder, combined with a fighting spirit and a readiness to undergo hardships and deprivations if needed—
hopelessness, pessimism and passivity being the deadliest
foes to self-improvement. (Freund).


lalit said...

thanks mani sir...

sachin said...

Thank you Freund (!!) and thank you Mani - for using the word "Manageability".. It seems to be small thing- but many people have suffered in search of "Fluency" and "Cure".. If we can just change the mindset of ten people we have done our good deed of the day..
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hai manisir good morning.your quotes very nice.keep on writing daily one quote and we inspire my reading that quotes daily.