April 19, 2013

Report of 38th SHG Meet of Chandigarh Chapter

SHG meet was conducted on last sunday i.e. 14/4/2013 on 11 AM at park in sector-33, Chandigarh.

following participants attented:
Mr. Jasbir Singh from chandigarh
Dr. N.K. Tejpal from panchkula
Mr. Sundaresan from ludhiana
Mr. Ritesh from ludhiana
Mr. lalit jain from chandigarh
Mr. Arun  from sangrur
Anupinder Singh from patiala

we started with a loud laughing session. after we had introduction and loud-Slow Reading practice.

after we had several discussion and speak practice rounds. we all had great time with Dr. Tejpal, Mr  Sundaresan & jasbir ji. At last we had hot tea.