March 17, 2013

The Panic Which Doesn't Happen Anymore

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Mohit Jaiswal
March 17th 2013


sachin said...

Mohit- you have come a long way, since NC.. How did this happen? I think, largely because as a very sensitive and intelligent human being, you had decided that you have suffered enough! Enough is Enough!
So, you got going..and you called JP.. and rest is History!
Keep writing.. Writing is a complete path by itself.. You too can inspire many Mohits in the world through your writings..

Dinesh said...

When it comes to expressing your thoughts in writing, you are
truly talented.. its always a pleasure to read your articles.

Also, whenever we meet I always admire the confidence with which
you stammer and carry yourself.

Keep attending the SHG often, we have lot to learn from you!

Mohit Jaiswal said...

Thank you Sachin Sir and Dinesh for the appreciation, it is just that feeling of atleast helping one such Mohit, drives me to write (as JP sir did to me).
Although i have been slow in my approach, but i promise to write more.