March 22, 2013


 Hello everyone. Stammering in front of 70 classmates and 2 teachers, for 40 minutes was a very wonderful and relaxing experience. initially I was like should I do it or not, there were thousands of questions in my mind regarding the presentation , will everyone like it or not and so on but the way it turned out afterwards I never imagined  it to go like that way.

My first step was to speak to teachers about my stammering, I opened myself and discussed freely with my teachers and my close friends, then to more friends and so on, then I told my teacher that I want to do a presentation on stammering. They fully supported me.

I stammered throughout the presentation, doing voluntary stammering and bouncing whenever I got a block. My presentation focussed on considering stammering as an art and diversity rather than as a problem.  

After the presentation my acceptance towards myself has increased, everyone got aware about the issue and they all liked it.

Before my presentation I mailed Sachin sir here is what he replied-

“Whenever there is change there is huge resistance, and that is very normal. And the better choice is always to go ahead and accept it.”

In a way all my thoughts before the presentation was the resistance to go ahead and I had no other choice left but to accept it and go ahead.
I am very grateful and thankful to TISA and everyone of you.  


sachin said...

Wonderful! We are getting somewhere as a community now!
Give one more, SOON!

Dinesh said...

Wow Vipul! you have attempted what even normal speakers dread of. Keep up the spirit. All the best.

Manimaran said...


Shyam Sundaram said...

Good Job, Vipul :-)

If I had read this post 2 years back, I would say u are crazy to even think of this.

Things have changed for good now.

Giving a presentation to your class on Stammering, is a step in the right direction. You are awesome.


lalit said...

g8t vipul ,wish i could be brave as u :-)
i use to remember my school life where i used to escape from all presentation kind of stuff.

Sid said...

what do you do ,which class are you studying in ,nice job ,please add few more things ,I would like to read more about the same event.