March 20, 2013

Delhi SHG Report of 17th March..!!

" Bad times are Good Times to prepare for Better Time"

This SHG again was very beneficial for us and we were 7 members in that SHG( Ravi, Sikander bhai, Uttam, Harsh, Anshul, me and Kapil) as usual our meeting was held at Central Park Rajiv Chowk and we started the meeting at 11 pm and finished at 2 pm.

About the task which we did... it is :-

1.  Introduction(Every one start  introduction using counting manner)
2.  Meditation( did a meditation through one song of bramha kumaris)
3.  Discuss on one topic
4.  Role play and story telling round
5.  Practice with articulation technique with using prolongation.
6.  Question Answer.
So by the help of Sikander bhai we did a practice of articulation technique with vowels. so first we spoke one letter and then we made a word by that letter and  then we made a sentence from that letter so its like we did a whole practice with each vowels like a, e ,i ,o u

So overall meeting was very fruitful for practicing




sachin said...

सिकन्दर भाइ का जवाब नही...
He is the soul of Delhi SHG!

vishal gupta said...

Really... Everytime we learn new things from Sikander bhai

Kapil sharmaa said...

Are bhai mai bhi hu, there were 8 people

vishal gupta said...

Kapil tmara naam galti se kisi aur ka likha diya.. sorry.. dude.. i can change the name.. :) dont worry....