February 5, 2013

Sw Vivekanand- a tribute..

My father was an army man. So, we kept moving around the country. I remember when we left Kalka and moved to Allahabad, around1969. I was about 12 and very fond of reading stories. We lived in Mutthiganj. There was a Rama Krishna Mission next to our street. They ran a public library and I of course made liberal use of it! A swami ji would sit in the librarian's chair- austere but approachable. No, I did not read any book on Sw. Vivekananda at that point. I was too caught up in the world of action, adventure, drama, mystery... :O(

In 1978-79, I was back in Allahabad- in medical college this time. One day I visited YP, my friend, in the hostel and asked him to give me something to read. He gave me a book of lectures given by Sw Vivekanand. I got interested. His words were powerful and rang in consonance with some inner truth- I knew not what. I wanted to know more, read more. So, I was back to same Mutthiganj branch- borrowing books and participating in various activities- to the extent possible for a medical student! 
Chitto maharaj and Venkatesh maharaj were there at this time. I bow to the selfless public service they offered to so many people all their lives, as true sannyasis.. I think, it was their influence on me, which encouraged me to have initiation in 1979.
So, between 1978 and 1986, I read all the ten volumes of Sw Vivekanand's lectures, letters, essays, poems etc. What does it mean? For me, it meant becoming familiar with all that my (and your) ancestors thought, wrote, invented, discussed, philosophized about, debated, valued in last 5000 years on this sub-continent and more.. It was like a very well made 3 hour BBC documentary on Human evolution! Vast, full of insights and expressed in a very modern language. Yes, Vivekanand uses a very simple and direct language, which we normally dont associate with his time and age.  
The best thing was- he was not just talking or writing about it- he was actually living this philosophy every day of his life..So, what was its impact on me? I came out of that isolation, sadness and depression which is well known to many young stammerers. His writings strengthened my self confidence, my sense of adventure and courage. It also shaped my understanding of my faith. I understood that seeing your SELF in others - and treating them accordingly is the basis of all ethics and religion.
I also began to believe that there is an inner perfection in every one of us- no matter how this body looks or functions, no matter what our external circumstances are. This inner perfection can not be increased by being able to say a sentence fluently - or decreased by going in a block on every word...This was a profound feeling! and ever has been.
Another idea, I picked up from him was: Cowardice is the only SIN. It must be avoided at any cost. Acting courageously, even if you make mistakes- that is preferable to spending your entire life being super-cautious, fearful and "successful"..
Later on, I read others, met other people, who influenced me deeply. But Vivekanand had created a foundation which had made my later development possible. As I grow older, I see the truth of his words clearer. I see that his message is not just for Hindus or Indians. It is relevant for whole humanity. Our problems, whatever they may be, from global warming to rampant poverty and corruption- will not be solved through a frightened kind of "cleverness"- but by courage and relying on ourselves..
At 54, if you ask me to summarize his message in two words, I will say, it is: See one SELF in others and always act out of courage.


Manimaran said...

Good Post Sachin. I also read some of his books. His words are very powerful and have a definite impact those who read it. I understood the real meaning of life after reading his books. Young PWS must read some of his books.

sachin said...

Yes, Mani- even now he touches my heart and intellect...I think, we as society will need more time to really understand what he said and stood for..

Dinesh said...

I remember, 4 years ago, I picked up the first voume of complete works of Swamy Vivekananda. I did not know what was inside, I just took it for my everyday loud reading practice.
My loud reading practice did not continue for long. But everday I used to read couple of pages in silence, I enjoyed the golden words uttered by the Great.
In 2 years, I read all the volumes!! I could not understand much then but whatever I understood had a big impact on me.

I started to develop faith and belief in myself and in my abilities..

Thanks Sachin Sir for the wonderful post.
As my master would say
"Fear none.. and Fear nothing.."

हेमन्त कुमार "हृदय" said...
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हेमन्त कुमार "हृदय" said...

Thanks sachin sir , for this wonderful post.
Like many other youth, swami vivekanad is great source of inspiration for me also since 1998.

I am writing here one QUOTE of swami vivekanad, which cleared my all negativity, made me self-analyst & made my life more better either during studying or working -
"most of us are unsatisfied & think - I deserve more than whatever given to me (by nature, luck, god, parents, employer, society etc.) but have you analyse Atleast once - am I really doing justification with the things which I have at present"
"दुनिया मे अधिकांश लोग असंतुष्ट है और सोचते है कि वो उससे ज्यादा के हकदार है.... पर कभी एक बार भी सोचा है कि जो कुछ मिला हुआ है क्या उसके साथ ठीक ठीक न्याय कर रहे हैं ?"

Friends, one good news
One art movie- "swami vivekanad" was broadcasted on DD-1 on 15th august 1998. In which mithun chakravarti , Hema malini, jayaprada , Rishi kapur played roll nicely. Since last 15yrs, I was searching this movie on shops, branches of ramakrishna mission, but as it was ART movie, so not run in theater, CD was also not available in market. I sent many Mails and letters to its director and actors, to get this movie CD.
now I got This movie on youtube on link-

vishal gupta said...

ohh wow.. such an inspirational ideal man.... the thing is that my birth place is mutthiganj Allahabad..i mean first time i have heard that he also lived in that place...

vishal gupta said...
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sachin said...

Thanks Dinesh, Hemant. Vishal- you are right- Sw Vivekanand did visit Allahabad but I am not sure whether he stayed in Mutthiganj or some place else..But yes, Allahabad is a very very old place.. Kumbh mela every 12 years attests to its special status..There is plenty of Sw. Vivekanand's writings and speeches available on net now..unlike seventies..