February 22, 2013


    Like most of us ,it has become a second nature of mine to constantly look out for the next new post in the TISA Blog . The daily dosage of  "HOPE" oozing out of fellow PWS stories and articles is quite a enriching supplement- for my soul !!! .

  In fact i forsee a day when a speech pathlogist in his prescription would write :


    1         -  1     -      1     (365 days )

    Off late i too have been contemplating a lot about life in general and I am told that  only we the homosapiens have evolved with the  power to examine our inner thoughts and feelings ..and corelate it with the external world ,our past experiences , new learnings from freshly gathered experiences and try to understand and make sense of it all.

   Having read the biographical incidences of fellow PWS , i am taken back to my stammering related incidences and instances which are a truckload , and thus i can easily identify with the associated pain and sense of helplessness and also the sense of victory when our other aspects of personality overshadows the speech error .

In the next post i shall write how i have learnt to offset ( not deal with ) my stammer to an extent through Magic ..Yes Magic...!!!! :)..Hope you are on for it !!!   

Have a great day !1

Juicy Joy 


sachin said...

Dear Joy- your post inspired me to go looking for an old link: Common men, uncommon lives. This was a collection of biographies to celebrate ISAD 2009. Can we do something similar this year?

Here is the link:

Keep writing..You never know whose life you may transform beyond recognition..

J P Sunda said...

Joy, I am looking forward to your secret.

@Dr Sachin - You are FULL of interesting ideas. Yes, Joy would be the best person to coordinate this. He has already been doing some good with Samvad

Blue Kite Dreamz said...

@ Sachin - Quite an achievement if my post can inspire someone like you !!

Yes..we certainly should do biographies in ISAD 2013 too :)

Blue Kite Dreamz said...

@JP - The secret is already inside all of us..only few have discovered it...:)

You are quite an illusionist too :)

I shall be happy coordinating the biographies !!