January 4, 2013

When nothing works.....let go!!

From tomorrow onwards, i will be working in a different department here at my work place.Here, it it going to be a lot of manpower management to achieve production targets.So, it is going to be a challenge for me.I will be forced to go beyond my comfort zone and communicate with somewhat less educated workers.

I am forecasting a lot of smiling face of those workers when i will be fumbling.And, my confidence level drops abruptly fast when someone even pass a hint of smile to me.

So, at one hand, this enforced mass communication is expected to improve my speech comfort, while, on the other hand, i suspect if those smiling faces will increase my mental agitation beyond limits.

This anticipation have already started to agitate me.I am finding bit harder to bounce on words.My speaking speed have already increased considerably.

In the past too, i have experienced that sometime, nothing works.......bouncing,prolongation,pausing...just nothing.

In those situations, i used to accept the way i stammer.In those situations, i used to strengthen my acceptance towards stammering.

When nothing works, then there is no way left than accepting the speech as it is.

So, i know that it is going to be a lot of fumbling...a lot of eyes blinking....a lot of pausing....a lot of covert stammering........but, i will try to just communicate exactly what i want to.

Hope, with time, i will be comfortable in this job assignment too, and it will be a big boost towards my speech comfort.


sachin said...

Dear Ashish- since you have already tried much difficult stuff- try out one more thing: when people smile, you too BEAM back a beautiful genuine smile ...
And see what happens. Since you have been to Vipassana and read Osho- very soon you will discover that the whole scene is really 'funny'- and it is OK to smile on it.. like a Buddha.
Try it and report back..

j jasbir singh said...

The Will to communicate is more important. Good luck Ashish.

j jasbir singh said...

Dear Ashish, please work on the lines as discussed over phone last evening. Don't give up. All the Best.