January 27, 2013

Bangalore SHG Janurary 27, 2013 meetup report

Hello everyone,
Here is the report of 4th meetup of year 2013.
Attendees – Chandan, Sairam, Kishore, Arun, Nayeem, Nishil,  Couple Rahul and Pooja (new members)

We started at sharp 10:30 am. This week meet was facilitated by Sairam. Today we had the wonderful couple Rahul and Pooja joining us. They are not PWS. They joined us to improve overall communication skills. We started with introduction where seasoned members introduced themselves. This time the introduction had rules which should contain the following

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Education
  4. Phone number
  5. Email ID.
  6. Occupation
  7. Passion
We thought as these are the common things we need to always talk in our day to day life.The members did share a lot of things about passion and experiences.Nayeem used the introduction session itself as the icebreaker where he discussed many experiences with stammering and showed like how stammering has enabled him to give the best at other things in life. He showed through life experiences where stammer led to creativity and punctuality in his work. 

There was a speech by Sairam talking about how acceptance plays a crucial role in the life of a person who stammers. This speech basically focused on how people without acceptance face fear which later turns into frustration and leading to depression in life.Then there were table topics where all the members got opportunity to speak for 2 minutes and it was fun filling session where members added a bit of humour in their topics.

We closed the day with a video which shows Earth from space as a tiny dot.
It was thought provoking video which made us realize if Earth is a dot, then what about the human beings, what about the problems we face in this world driving to the point that problems are nothing in this world and we need to motivate ourselves in reaching our goals thereby ensuring a happy life.

Written by - Nayeem  


Abhinav said...

Awesome report Nayeem. Can you please share the link of "earth from space" video. It was good to have Pooja and Rahul with us. See you all next week

sachin said...

Wow- you guys are exploring new ideas in your SHG.. Nayeem, great write up..Thanks

jasbir singh said...

Rightly said. Problems need not to be taken very seriously but only accepted as part of life. God must have given it with some reason.