December 24, 2012

Phone Call a BiG EnEmy

(Its My own Experience)

Phone Call   “a big problem for stammers”

Cause : high fear and pre assumption of negative things make us fear-full
Solution : Relaxation

How to make ourself Relax-full:

              Relaxation is something which  u can do by yourself.. It is little Stranger but its true, Whenever u feel tensed, stressed, do one thing internally make yourself calm and cool.. 
            Relaxation is the way of releasing all the useless thought and negative thought which comes in our mind sudden due to the situational problem or else. 
                  Relaxation is  take a deep breathe for 10 second  and think  “why u make yourself stress-full and tensed, just chill just chill just chill and just chill ”  and then start whatever  u want to say because practically if we have situational problem then we only think negative things we don’t think positive. If u make this as a habit then it will work.. all the time in all the situational problem..on phone 

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