December 11, 2012

Chennai meet on 9th December '12

Dear all,
The Chennai chapter meeting was held on 09.12.2012 after gap of 6 months and attended by 10 PWS including 2 new ones.
One important thing I noticed in this meeting is  those who are attending meetings regularly are not only their speaking is improved but also their secondary symptoms reduced considerably. There are two very good examples I wish to inform here.
One is Mr.VD, one of the founder members of Chennai chapter who is attending regularly for the past 4 years. When he joined, he stammered badly. Whenever block occurs, he uses to hit his fist very hard on his thigh till the word comes out. If he speaks for about 10 min, the number of times the secondary symptoms occurs would be about 10 times. To my surprise, when he spoke in this meeting, he never stammer and ‘ZERO’ secondary symptom. Really a marvelous achievement indeed.   Hats off to VD

The other pws is Mr. PF. He is coming to the meetings for the past 3 years. Occasionally he uses to conduct SHG meetings in a park in my absence. Initially, when block occurs to him, he used to look  at the roof until the word come out. Though he came last minute for this meeting, he has spoken with me and 2 other pws. To my surprise, he has spoken fluently with no secondary symptoms at all. PF further informed that, he used to take training classes for software students. Hats off to PF also for his wonderful achievement.

Though both of them have done some practices / exercises in the past, they are not doing anything now. What they are now doing is accepting stammering and attending SHG meetings regularly.

In the above context I wish to inform about one thing that I am having some reservations over the so called “BLOCK CORRECTION’ and ‘ELIMINATION OF SECONDARY SYMPTOMS’ which I read in so many articles. From my understanding and from my experience, it is very difficult to eliminate secondary symptoms and block corrections in non-comfort zones. When a pws starts speaking well, his secondary symptoms also gets reduced gradually and vanished completely when he started speaking well.

Another thing I have observed in this meeting is those who are attending  for SHG meetings regularly but still stammering, are in happy frame of mind compared to when they first attended SHG meeting.

The 'MANTRA' for controlling stammering is  attending SHG meetings regularly which I thing is the very easiest known option available.
That’s all from Chennai chapter.


sachin said...

Congrats Mani! Many lives are being touched by this sewa, that you are offering.. I agree with you that attending SHG over a long period brings in gradual but ENDURING change..

Manimaran said...

I wish to add one thing here.Having read the above post, pws should not thing that "block correction" and "elimination of secondary symptoms' in SHG meetings should not be discussed. Do not think so. we have to do some speaking about stammering in the SHG meetings atleast for 3 hrs for over a period of 3 to 4 years. Hence the above topics should also be discussed and then only we can able to understand completely about stammering.The main thing is to attend SHG meetings regularly and speak about stammering.