December 30, 2012


Four of us met today in Children’s Park, in the capital city of Panaji –

1.      Projot
2.      Rajan
3.      Rahul
4.      Harish

We started with season’s greetings and some casual talks, and then quickly started following the agenda planned- 

1.      Introduction Activity

One member had to tell about himself to the other. The other had to then introduce his compatriot to the entire group, as if he’s speaking on his behalf. The activity was suggested by Projot. Another challenge of this activity was to remember all the things your partner has told you. So, listening skills were also put to test.

2.      Breathing Exercises

Next, we did breathing exercises. Keeping our hands on our chest and tummy, we began to observe our breathing. Then, we tried to breathe with our chest, and then with our tummy only. We practiced tummy breathing for sometime, and discussed it’s significance in good communication and management of blocks.

3.      Practice Rounds

It was then time for practicing some techniques. We started with bouncing (5 times, 3 times), followed by Easy Onset and block correction (pre/in/post) techniques. In between we also tried to bring some humour with the sentences which we used for practice. In the end, we discussed about the challenges of implementing these practices in real speaking situations.

4.      Mi Me Ma Mo Mu…

We all then tried the Mi Me Ma Mo Mu technique from Apna Hath Jagannath. Some of us tried it on the consonants with which we had problems. It was also evident from this exercise that Rajan had a good singing ability.

5.      Eye Contact

In this exercise, we tried to interview each other, while maintaining eye-contact. We practiced eye-contact and also discussed it’s significance. Everyone contributed with their opinions and suggestions.

6.      Communication Games

It was then time to add some fun with Games. We played two games – Two truths and a Lie, and Forming the story. Both the games brought in a lot of cheers and the story forming activity gave rise to a very interesting story with funny twists and turns.

When we were done with the items in agenda, we then had a casual discussion. Rajan and Harish shared some moments of Coorg. We then asked Rajan few questions about Vipassana, and he shared his experiences with the same.

In the midst of the festive season and celebrations all around the city, we also celebrated our stammering in our own pleasant way, to go home wearing a smile…


sachin said...

Yes, it is very important to do some research and come up with some interesting, interactive and challenging new exercises in every meeting.. There are plenty of resources on Internet and aslo in AHJ..
Congrats everyone!

Dinesh said...

Wonderful activities and very well expressed by Harish. Very crisp post!!