December 2, 2012

AIR 107.2 Talk About Stammering with Jasbir Singh

Copy of Talk-Show Aired on 2.12.12 9:30AM on All India Radio107.2 MHz


j jasbir singh said...

Thank you very much Mr. Anup for very prompt posting of Radio talk in site with nice pics and very inspirational quotes,which I could have never done in such a presentable form.
Thanks once again.

sachin said...

Aha! Both of you deserve Congrats from all of us..
Keep up the onward march..

Rajesh V said...

Wow Congrats Jasbir ji. Thanks for spreading awareness.

vishal gupta said...

sir it is really nice even ur voice is so crystal.....and ur beautiful real word difficulties stories is really inspiring for all PWS because you, sachin sir and several other are really an ideal for me because it is necessary to know that how you stutter, what is the way of stutter and what is stuttering :) :) and also acceptance.. :)