November 2, 2012

Feedback on communication workshop at Herbetpur

                I had lots of doubts and myths before taking decision to go for workshop at Herbertpur. But it was Dr Sachin whom I believed blindly and plunge into this. But still I was thinking till last moment that why the hell I am going there after all my stammering is not so severe that require admission in public that I stammer. I am 43 and struggling with my stammering since my school days and during this period I have learnt beautiful art to hide (or suppress) my stammering from this world. Was anything I have been doing so far nonsense and gone into the vain? Do I really need to start a new beginning at this juncture; can I afford the time and effort it is going to demand. But I had no other choice also, it was a now or never situation for me.
                On meeting Dr.Sachin for the first time I was stunned by his charismatic personality. I really thank god that at least he has made one right person for people like us. Throughout this workshop I found that he is reading very fine details about my personality as I am an open book before him. It requires tons of patience, experience and sincerity to become like him.
                First and foremost thing that I learnt from this workshop is the importance of voluntary stammering.  Earlier I used not to give that much importance to this aspect of therapy but I found radical swift toward positive attitude even though I stammered deliberately more than I usually do. It was amazing that I was stammering more and at the same gaining confidence too. I realized that I am slowly getting unwind and going back to my old days when I started adopting some tactics to avoid or hide my stammering. It was bit uncomfortable in beginning but I started enjoying it. I realized that I am concentrating better on my content rather worrying about my fluency. I also realized that I am paying more attention to the while listening to somebody in our group. Usually I get fascinated by the fluency of the speaker rather focusing on his/her content. Lack of listening is a key aspect of communication skill which we stammer often neglect. In this workshop I became, if not a good speaker but a good listener at least.
                Second thing which fascinated me was the attitude of youngsters in our group. I was impressed by their courage to accept stammering in public so openly. I was never so daring when I was in their age and I am sure, it might have immensely boosted their confidence level. There was so much to learn from this young lot. Young PWS also entertained us a lot, I never felt bored due to their presence. I will never forget mimics done by Mr Amit. It was really amusing.
                We all sincerely thank Dr.Sachin for his painstaking effort in organizing this workshop for us. He is akin to light house for those PWS who are wondering here and there in search of right direction in storm.


Hemant K-Kumar said...

Thanks Jitendra Ji for sharing your thoughts with us. It was really a great experience to meet you during Herbertpur workshop.

jitendra nimbekar said...

Thanks and i also feel that it was a very important event in my life.

j jasbir singh said...

Dr. Sachin is a Gem.

sachin said...

Thanks Jitendra! Believe me- I have learned everything from other pws- just like me- in last 20 years or so..Nothing of my, THANK YOU ALL!

Hemant K-Kumar said...

one more feedback received from Rakesh/faizabad.
"volunteer stuttering se Bahut Faayda ho raha h, fear chalaa gya"
Rakesh also informed that our youngest participant Amit srivastava/allahabad used in train and using in school & coaching class that
locket which we provided to all Herbertpur communication workshop participant
मै हकलाता हुं ।
कृपया मेरी बात ध्यान से सुनें ।
The indian stammering association)
hat off for amit srivastava for of Such a high level acceptance

lalit said...

thanks jitendra for sharing experience... yes by accepting stammering we feel more confidence while communicating ....keep writing ..keep sharing

Hemant K-Kumar said...

sachin sir started his own blog
in 2007 . One nice post by him