December 28, 2012

Communication Workshop in Hyderabad on Dec 29-31st & AGENDA

Registrations are closed, If we have any dropouts in present list we can accommodate members on first come first serve basis. Thanks for cooperation.
It will be an advantageous at workshop if members come prepared reading the manual at this link. (click here)
Timings Altered for convenience as follows:
Dec 29th - 9AM
Dec 30, 31st - 8AM.
About Workshop:
This is an invitation for TISA members to attend a free Communication Workshop in Hyderabad being organized by TISA(The Indian Stammering Association). Please feel free to comment upon the agenda at the bottom.
This workshop is being conducted by Dr.Sachin on Dec 29th, 30th and 31st 2012.
This 3 day workshop is planned to provide latest & objective information about stammering, a change in attitude towards stammering (& life) and practical techniques to help Communication. This makes a change in orientation towards stammering and thus making you see all new world where everything looks like an opportunity to grab and enjoy life at max.
Everything is free in this workshop except for your common expenses like food, staying etc.

Accommodation: For non-locals coming in we have a hostel near by and we will take care of the rooms which will be of very nominal cost 200-300 per day.

Registration Fee: 500/- must be transferred to an account number. This amount is used for food/snacks, if at the end of the day money is left out, it will be given to participants or if it is increased the same will be collected.
Please mail me/call me at below number, i will send you the account details for transferring the registration amount.

Non-locals can book their tickets to Hyderabad so that it won't be a problem in last minute ticket bookings.
We will also have a nice new year evening party to cherish in addition to workshop events and activities !

For any queries please feel free to contact below details.
Rajesh - 09676820007 - rajesh.jaca"AT"

Tentative agenda

Comm WS HYD Tentative Agenda
(Good planning is flexible!)

It can be challenging but “no gain without pain”- so, can we start early everyday - let us say- 6 am? and then break for Breakfast at the venue from 8 -9.30 am. ??  Those who stay far, can spend two nights close to venue, with friends? If it is OK, then, let us visualise the 3 days like this:

Day 1
6.15- 8 am: Breathing techniques, their role in communication, Guided Meditation.
8- 9.30 am: Breakfast
9.30 -11 am: Round of intro with “Easy Stammering” and good eye contact.
Sharing of ground rules
Discussion on expectations (what is feasible? Desirable?)
Follow up support (after workshop) - and what participants need to do?

11-11.30: Tea break
11.30- 1 pm: Introduction to and small group practice of Stretching and Bouncing techniques
1-2 : Lunch
2-4 pm: Introduction to Block correction techniques and small group practice of the block correction
4-6 pm: “Stammering Interviews” in nearby market; debriefing and dispersal by 6.30 pm.

Day 2
6-8 am: Breathing, some simple stretching exercises followed by guided meditation
8-9.30 : Breakfast
9.30 am -1pm: Mini presentations (5 minutes) in 3 small groups on a topic of choice/ expertise, using techniques
“Phone a Friend” exercise in dyads (two), video recording while phoning - and quick review/ analysis on laptop- in four small groups.
Introduction to and small group practice of “Pausing” technique. (During tea break, a round of Voluntary stammering on day 2 or earlier)

1-2 pm: Lunch
2-4 pm: discussion and exercise based on Jo-Hari window; EFT, Role of Vipassana, Brahma Vidya, AOL etc.
4-6 pm: Nearby shopping mall- “Five questions with techniques” / “Intro” to a crowd / “Sales man” role play: sell AHJ to a stranger for Rs 100 in pairs ?
Debriefing and dispersal by 6.30 pm.

Day 3:

6-8 am: Meditation; followed by feedback session
8-9.30 am: Breakfast
9.30-1 pm: Presentations from participants on allotted topics in 2-3 small groups.
Role of humor in recovery- share a joke round. Role of writing/ mimicry/ adventure sports etc. in recovery.
Recap of basic techniques by participants.
1-2 pm: lunch
2-4 pm: open sessions for Q&A
4-6 pm: In the market, Voluntary stammering with strangers! Followed by a treat- a big party?

Now, if people are in a mood for some more challenge- we will be very happy to organize a final meditation session from 10-30 pm to 4 am of 1 st January- and have a morning session to usher in the new year with resolves and promises to self..
Leave your comments and suggestions to improve this agenda.


Anonymous said...

thankyou for organising worshop in city

Anonymous said...

good work by isa and dr-sachin thank a lot .

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

@Emraan - Thank you :) Try to attend the workshop.

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

I'm coming to join the program. Please include pranayama in workshop agenda. Pranayama is very beneficial for people who stammer.

- Amitsingh Kushwah,
Satna (Madhya Pradesh)
0 9 3 0 0 9 3 9 7 5 8

Anonymous said...

when this kind of workshop is going to be organise in kolkata?
I am really waiting for it........


Anonymous said...

Can the meeting be preponed or postponed? New Year eve wouldnt be possible for everyone..

Satyendra said...

@Anon above- please discuss with Rajesh.

Anonymous said...

New year eve is the time when most of us can easily get away from our office/ job. Secondly- I would love meeting a host of strangers at this time!

Anonymous said...

New Year is also the time to spend with Family and best of their friends. I wish this can be postponed and scheduled sometime later considering some holiday.

- Raj.. Naam tho suna hoga

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

Dear friends,
This meeting is fixed only after discussing with shg friends and we went with maximum pole.
New year will be celebrated more awesome in this workshop and we alreay planned for it.
I feel workshops like this which makes u realize the real you within you will make new year eve more memorable and lovable.

Satyendra said...

Yes, Rajesh. I agree. The proposed event is no way compulsory.. Those who are free and want to learn, they are welcome. By registering early, they will be helping us to plan and prepare better to serve them..
Stammering being a biological issue- I often think of us as my true "biological" family :-))
Let us spend new year with our "family" for a change? Shall we?

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

@Sachin ji - Well and truly said.
We all are from one family :)
We are very much waiting for this event to celebrate with our family members.

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

The Agenda in this workshop is going to be very productive in Lifes , thanks for Sachin ji for this great work.
The activities which were planned are awesome. I am just desperately waiting for the days to come fast.

Santhosh Pillai said...

Am very much haappy to attend the communication workshop in last days of this year and i know the coming years were the auspicious one because of this workshop, thanku rajesh bhai and sachin ji for this great event for our TISA family.. haaapppy new year in advaance..

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

@Santhosh- Well said bro, for every task we take up positive image is the only seed for its success and i can see that in you.
All The Best !

Suresh thota said...

it would be useful., also i want to thank to Sachin ji who accepts to spend his year end / begining time on this ...

Regards, Suresh

vijay said...

Any possibility to conduct this event in Chennai.

Satyendra said...

@ Chennai-
Not now. You should get in touch with Mr Manimaran and attend the group there..

Unknown said...

has the last date of registration ended ? I got busy with other work nd didnt chk my mail box frm many days.. So, am i gonna miss it ??

Unknown said...

has the registrations ended ?? I didnt chk my mail box frm many days as i got struck with other work... am i gonna miss ths ???

Satyendra said...

@Pratheek- get in touch with Rajesh..

shiva said...

Hi Rajesh,
I was completely unaware of this workshop ,I want to come,is it too late?? Please let me know.


Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

@Shiva Bro - i am sorry to say that we have prepared final list and submitted it to a MNC company security head.
Those MNC people will lock the final list before 48 working hours for various reasons.
So it would not be possible for last minute registrations.
If you are from Hyderabad you can still attend our weekend SHG meetings every week.

May be you can join from 1st week of Jan 2013 and share your thoughts. You can see what activities we do in our meetings in below links.

shiva said...

Thank you Rajesh, I am very eager to be part of this group. Hope this workshop will benefit everyone. All the best.

Satyendra said...

Okay- now I understand! Yes, when we conducted a similar workshop at the campus of a famous IT company in Pune 2 years ago, we had to comply with the same security requirements..
But as Rajesh says, you can derive the same benefits by attending the SHG every sunday..
Guys, never mind and never give up hope!

nadeem said...

hi everyone it's Nadeem here.
I attend only once a meeting of SHG and regret not to attend other meetings. but on coming sunday i will be there.

Unknown said...

hai to every one in this group,
my name is DATTA SAI TEJA and iam a member in ur facebook with user id- DATTA CHOWDARY.
I am requisting u that if again this type of meeting was planed by u to organise in HYD.
Please inform me t my mail- OR t my number 9603772151