November 5, 2012

Bangalore SHG November 04, 2012 report

Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time, It's just not worth it.

Hello all,
So winter has started in north India and I am missing winter season in Lucknow like any thing as I saw Vishal wearing sweater in pic of Delhi SHG report.

Here is report of another awesome meetup in Bangalore.

Attendees- Karthik, Chandan, Pramod, Pavan, Thenna, Sairam and myself Abhinav

As a stammerer we hate ourselves a lot, We blame god and family for our sufferings.We have so many happy moments in our life but we think of only negative things. Today's ground rule was share anything but stammering. Share happy moments of your life, spread happiness.

Activities performed-

1) Intro with happiest moments of life .
2) Prepared speech by Karthik on habits.
3) Short play (Thanks to Chandan for leading this activity, it was the play on conversations between Yama and Savitri and we enjoyed reading dialogs, Chandan and Pavan were really good roles for Savitri and Yama respectively :) :) ).
4) Extempore

We shared happiest moments in life for 90 minutes in our 3 hours SHG meeting.Approx 15 minutes per participant. Wow, all of us had so many things to share. We have so many good moments in life and we curse ourselves for stammering only (We thought this activity will only take 15-20 mins :) ).One awkward  moment shared by Pramod. He went in half pant in first day of 8th class and entire school was laughing at him as he was the only student with half pant(it was his first day in new school and he did not know the uniform rules). We all enjoy like any thing in SHG meetings. I've made life long friends in SHG. Thanks to all of you.

Here is the Nina talking her experiences as a woman who stutters.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome to improve the activities in SHG meetings. Please mail me at abhinav.singh8 at yahoo dot com.  


vishal gupta said...

thanx abhinav :) now i m going to my home Allahabad on 10th... well you are doing Nice Job....:) but we are missing you in Hangout

sachin said...

Yes Abhinav- we carry a lot of baggage- self hatred etc. Un-necessarily. It took me about 40 yrs to discover that!! I am happy that you are finding it out at a much younger age and helping others too, to do the same..
Keep it up