November 23, 2012

About Myself.

Keeping it Brief.

Hi, my name is Kushal.
I hail from Kolkata, and am pursuing my masters in Engineering at the moment. Have been quite a severe stammerer since my childhood, and yet never really made any concrete efforts to overcome the same. Only in recent years, have I begun focusing on better and effective communication and have made (as I feel) progress in rapid strides.

I had attended the TISA, All India Stammering Meet, held at Coorg this October. It was a mind-blowing experience. It was here that I came across the idea of setting up a SHG @ Kolkata.
With the help few friends am all set to do the same.

(The Handsome Me above!!)
To now more about me, and get acquainted, drop a mail or call anytime.

Best Regards to all,

Ph no: 8981876099
mail :


sachin said...

I vouchsafe every word he says- since I met this very interesting person in Herbertpur some time back (2011 winters?). (Even more handsome in real life!)
All the best Kushal!

Kushal Batabyal said...

Thnxs Sachin. You are like a North star to so many!!