September 29, 2012

National Get Together - Day 1

We are all gathered at Bangalore, majestic railway station at around 10 o clock, and Rail started towards Mysore at around 00:30 hours, it will take more than one hour to settling in our seats, some of the participant are enjoyed by singing songs in their groups.
We reached Mysore around 4 am. Mr. Dinesh Singh decided to send all couples and female participants by auto and all the male participants walked to bus stand. While searching bus to Virajpet after reaching bus stand, We have got lucky that one of the bus conductor and driver changed their roots because of us. We settle in that bus and it takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Virajpet Bus stand. and same bus took us to the Kabbina kaadu junction at around 10 am. It takes around 5 hours of journey from Mysore to Honey Valley.
At Kabbina kaadu junction, we already find five jeeps waiting for us to take up to the Honey valley. All participants are amazed while going to Honey valley from Kabbina kaadu junction  in jeep because of steep and trenchers climb, some of them feel that jeep will fell to the bottom of Ghat. After reaching Honey Valley, There are three separate houses with multiple rooms with beds, Mr. Dinesh Singh allotted rooms to all participants, and requested all to come after fresh up before 11 am at dining hall. Honey Valley rooms at its best, We never thought that its so well maintained.
Mr. Jai prakash Sunda initiated lovely introductory game session, from which we all got know names of the participants in a fun way. Its because we never to be stranger from and within participants Our hunger signals at peak, we hurried towards dining hall to grab hour lunch.
After having a sumptuous meal, we are all gathered outside the dining hall, where Mr. Tarak Goradiya given inspirational speech regarding How Vipasana is very helpful in overcoming his stuttering challenges. Mr. Jai Prakash Sunda initiated the inauguration of TISA's Printed Manual Book by requesting Mr. Mani Maran to release the book. Mr. Mani Maran also shared his heart touching speech regarding his perception towards stuttering.
After the short break, we again gathered to start introduction with Goa and Chennai SHG participants. We got some good life experiences of participants in introduction session.
After the wonderful introduction session, the whole groups headed for an evening walk in to the woods led by Mr. Dinesh Singh. After having our dinner at 8 o clock, we proceeded for the camp fire where all of sang and danced till 10.30 pm along with some amazing talent show by Aruna who played flute for all of us.
--Dinesh 2
P.S. - I will add the pictures very soon.


Kharvi Prakash said...

awesome start.. grt writing... :) :)

sachin said...

Thank you Dinesh 2 (and 1 and to the power of n)!
I think this is a great beginning!
Have fun, meet people, make friends, learn from each other and boraden your focus beyond "Cure" and "fluency".. Life is so much more..

Best wishes to all of you and sincerest apologies for not being there..

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am waiting for pictures, Man!
Vimal, a pws..