September 22, 2012

Engine of Social Development ..

A friend came visiting yesterday; he shared a joke- which made me laugh as well as think deeply.. Here it is:

A train in south India was passing through a long stretch, between two cities. A villager wanted to get off at his village in between but there was no scheduled stop. He approached the train driver and requested him to stop, because he really had an urgent work at his village and returning from the city would have defeated the whole purpose of catching the train.

The driver answered- if I stop I will lose my job. Get off at the next city and return by bus or whatever, no matter what is your problem.

The villager requested again with folded hands and the driver gave the same reply. But the villager was desperate, so he did not give up. Finally the driver agreed to slow down as the track turned into a gentle curve. 

The villager stepped off and – driven by the momentum- kept running for a few seconds. As the last coach overtook him, a hand came out, grabbed the villager and pulled him in! The “helpful” man said: Had I not helped, you would have missed the train, my dear man!

Now comes the punch line: Who was the "helpful" man? a NGO worker! Who do you think was the driver of the train? The donor?? May be! The villager was just the villager..You know what I mean..

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