September 3, 2012

Akela gaya tha..

I was in herbertpur workshop. This is my first visit to herbertpur, so I can say that This is the delayed grace of god for me. Yes, this is the god grace that we have Kamal sir in india who is providing his services free of cost in this money-minded world.
In this workshop, I learned first time so many speech tools - Bouncing, prolongation, cancellations, pull out, pre block/in block/post block correction, pausing. The Main intention of this workshop is to change stammerers' mindset and crack the iceberg which PWS makes underneath the surface of shame, hatred & fear.  For this, so many activities were arranged in OPD of hospital.
after returning from herbertpur, any PWS will sing this song of Rajput movie, sung by kishor kumar:
akela gaya tha main haan main
na aaya akela
mere sang-sang sang sang sang aaya khwaabo kaa relaa
teri gali (herbertpur) se main jab nikala
sab-kuch dekha badalaa-badala -
jaisa ab hai aisa kab tha
ye mausam alabela
mere sang-sang sang sang sang aaya khwaabo kaa  Relaa

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