August 12, 2012

Stammering is Beautiful.

Joy was listening to his music, it was then I interrupted and greeted him "Good Morning".We were the first to assemble and were waiting for others to join.

Sairam, Jitu, Pawan, Pramod, Chandrashekar and Vishal Shah  joined us.

We were very happy to welcome Vishal Shah from Coimbatore (Remember the orangebirdie guy?!!)After exchanging the pleasantries, we got started with our formal meeting.
Pawan was assigned the role of a grammarian.
Jitu was assigned the role of a Timer.
Joy was assigned the role of "Ah" counter.
And Sairam was the evaluator for Chandrashekar.
As the meeting begins, each role player stands up and reads a "written script"
which describes his role.
After all the role-pay descriptions, Chandrashekar took the stage and delivered his 3rd speech.
He is utilising this opportunity to the fullest and reaping the fruits of it.
Today he shared that giving speeches has made him confident while communicating in office.
Then we move to table topic - an impromptu speaking opportunity for everyone.
A topic is given to each participant and they have to speak for a minimum of 2min and max 4 min.
After the table topics, Sairam presented his feedback for Chandrashekar and again all role players
presented their report.

Then we switched to general discussion mode. The discussion began with a question -  When do speak BEST?
We got an unanimous answer for this - When we are alone !! :-)

1) We speak best when are alone.
What can be done to step 1 to make it little difficult?

2) Speak and record your voice.
What can be done to step 2 to make it little difficult?

3) Speak and record your video

What can be done to step 3 to make it little difficult?
4) Post it on youtube and share with friends and take feedback.

What can be done to step 4 to make it little difficult?
5) Share your speech with 1 person - your friend over phone or over skype or personally

What can be done to step 5 to make it little difficult?
6) Make the Speech at SHG.

What can be done to step 6 to make it little difficult?
7) Make the speech where it was intended - Final purpose - for eg may be a presentation in office.

We all discussed that.  Speaking alone is never challenging.
1) We should speak alone WITH A PURPOSE
2) We should GRADUALLY make it Challenging.

An abrupt or steep increase in difficulty will more often than not result in failure.
After this, Vishal shared his concept - "Stammering is Beautiful"
It was another amazing meet. See you all next time.


Karthik Rajagopalan said...

Awsome writing which has a good Clarity. You have put your ideas in points which shows your confidence level in what you are conveying. You have proved you are awsome again. Good Job Dinesh.

sachin said...

This post will easily qualify for "Best Process Documentation"..
Keep it up!