August 10, 2012

Report of Bangalore meet 05/08/2012

First half - Tanoy, Dinesh, Dinesh, Jitu, Joy (new), Chandan, Sairaam, Hema (new), Murali,
Second half - Dinesh, Dinesh, Joy, Jitu, Nishil, Pramod

Last Sunday was a full-day meeting.
We started the day with self-introudctions.
Post self introduction sessions we broke up for a short break and came back to a session led by Dinesh to brainstorm as to how SHG sessions were beneficial and why despite that the sessions had episodes of random absenteeism. And we came up with these …
Benefits of being in the group:
·         SHG offers a platform and audience which is eager to listen to us.
·         Aids in developing confidence and to get stronger handle on anxiety and stress while speaking.
·         Helps to go into self acceptance mode about stuttering.
·         Personal connect with members
·         Networking
Reasons for absenteeism :
·         Individuals Home/Family/Work/Passion taking precedence
·         Undervaluation of the sessions , since there are no monetary strings attached
·          Low levels of  accountability and ownership towards the forum  
·         Those seeking quick fix measures
    At the end of the group retrospection we agreed that SHG meets should become second nature to us to give our fullest to Home/Family/Work/ Passion , and that we have to be personally motivated and taking ownership and be accountable to make this forum a success as a SHG , by attending regularly.
Post lunch ,we had structured prepared speech session by Nishil ,Pramod and Dinesh.
We had thought provoking toastmaster’s session, specially with Nishil’s speech .
    Overall its was a wholesome awe inspiring day spent at SHG ,and seemingly we have added more layers of optimism to our individual perspectives about self , undergone few positive paradigm shifts to better gear and prepare ourselves and we had definitely shredded few more layers of inhibitions ,with the session over we  went out into the Bangalore tipper tappering evening rains ...trying to communicate with us and resonate inside us

Write-up by Joy (One of the new member in Sunday's meeting!)

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