August 13, 2012

News of Hyderabad SHG MeetUp on 12th Aug

Weekend SHG meeting was awesome :)
We had 2 new members added to the group(Anish and Kiran)
Members who attended the meeting w.r.t below pic are.
1.Naman Anand 2.Majipal 3.Santhosh 4.Kiran 5.Anish 6.Rajesh

Activity-1:As we have new members, we started our meeting with What is Stammering ? and its probable causes?We cleared the misconceptions of new members about stammering.

Activity-2:Introduction round following one word at a time and in a slow phased manner.We also concentrated on having proper breath.

Activity-3:Narration of techniques to new members like Air Flow Technique, Bouncing, Vol.Stuttering.

Activity-4:Anxiety control round where every member will ask a question to other member and he shall answer it after 15seconds of time. This helps in controlling anxiety levels.

Activity-5:Loud Shouting by standing 5 meters apart from each other in a straight line and the two extreme members shall communicate.

Activity-6:Breathing exercises explanation and practice [ Anulom-Vilom, kapalabhati, kapala bathi etc..]

Day was wonderful and we enjoyed a drizzle near by pond side, it was very nice view :) Ducks in pond were Quacking :)
Eagerly waiting for the next weekend SHG meeting.

Together We Step Up :) Together We Succeed :)
With Regards,
Rajesh V
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sachin said...

Keep meeting and keep expanding your comfort zone..
This is the best therapy..

Rajesh V said...

@Sachin ji---Thank you so much :)