July 22, 2012

Rukh jana nahi..

Today Sunday 22/07/2012
Following people attended the Bangalore meeting -
Dinesh Kumar, Chandan, Chandrashekar, Rohit, Pramod, Biju, Sairam and Myself (Dinesh Singh)

We started the day with general talks.
Then we started the activity wherein each one of us read a poem and along with that elaborated
the meaning of that. Few inspirations poems were chosen and each one of us tried to bring forth the professor side of our personality.
"Dinesh Kumar" excelled brilliantly in this. He first read out famous "Rukh jana nahi" song
lyrics and translated each line to english and brought the subtle meaning of it in a wonderful way.

Pramod read out and sang A R Rahman "Hum Main Hero" very passionately. Rohit translated the song word to word.We also discussed to have kind of "Kavi sammellan" activity  sometime later!!

After this we began the introduction round. We also had to share our general experiences about the
week. Chandrashekar used this opportunity to present his long pending "Ice Breaker" speech.
This was the Surprise of the day!!! He spoke like a pro with only one fumble.
An extraordinary speaker lies beneath his "stammering personality". Everyone of us were astounded after the
speech got over. We could not believe that Chandrashekar could speak so well for so long.

After the intros, we sat in a circular fashion. Biju sparked the discussion that therapies do not work
in general. Its our attitude, knowledge and skill that we learn everyday will help us tide over the problem.
We had heated discussion on this with everyone explaining his point of view.
We ended the discussion with the conclusion that everyone knows best what works for him and he should
REALIZE what has to be done. Tips/Suggestions offer littler help.

Another amazing concluded at Bangalore SHG.

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