July 8, 2012

News at Hyderabad SHG Meetup on 8th July

Wow Wow Wow :) What a Great Day. We had 3 new interesting people joined in our group today.
This weekend we concentrated on Slow Speaking and Loud Speaking :)

People who attended meeting w.r.t below pic from left to right
1.Piyush Maheswari(NEW)  2.NamanAnand 3.Rajesh  4.Pavan  5.Prateek(NEW)  6.Karan(NEW)
Activities at meetup are as follows:
Activity-1: National Anthem 
Activity-2: Introduction round where we maintained slow speaking style and loudness.
Activity-3:Meditation for 5-10 minutes on our breathing process.
Activity-4:Prepared speeches from members about our positives, strengths and Assets in life. Everyone have great things to tell. We are strong already and we are becoming stronger day by day :)
Activity-5:Two members of "Art of Living" program  have come to park and we all members have enjoyed their company, we had an opportunity to talk with Strangers. They were here for spreading word of tomorrow's Art Of Living program near by. They were with us for 25minutes and we had great talk with them.
Activity-6: Loud Shouting :) is the activity we enjoyed a lot today.
The below pic shows how  far we are apart from each other.
The two extreme end persons will start communicating each other. One will ask a question and other will answer. We all shouted like a hybrid Dolby and Digital Stereos :) Members are very happy about this round. It has given a great confidence. None were worried about strangers in park. We shouted like a hell :)
After few questions and answers the extreme persons will change their positions with other members and the cycle continues.

Later in the same positions we had series answering round where we know that next person to talk is we. We all might have felt tensed in past years when we started counting our turn for talking situations when we are in a group. May be while telling roll call, attendance or other. We started answering (shouting ) for a common questions in series like our FullName, Parents Names, Siblings Names, Date Of Birth, Roll Numbers at colleges etc..
It was fun. I myself was a great tensed guy at college days when i was counting my turn in a group to talk.
This round has helped us a lot in mimicking those kinds of events. Loud sound which we delivered was heard by our ears and wow what a great relief. We realized and wondered WILL I SOUND THAT GREAT :) 

Finally we told bye to each other by taking a group picture which is at top :) Great Day..We are Recharged totally :) I sound like a big Hybrid Dolby Digital Sound :)
Special Thanks to all members attended meeting and Members who are reading this.

Together We Step Up :) Together We Succeed :)
With Regards,
Rajesh V
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