July 9, 2012

Delhi workshop- A great opportunity

It is great news that Delhi SHG members are doing such a nice work again. A two days Delhi workshop will be organized on 14 and 15 July. Attending a TISA workshop is always a great idea than doing any other thing. Why?? A person who attends a workshop for the first time can’t really believe what he gets from a workshop. As I remind my old days about one year ago when I attended my first TISA workshop in Herburtpur, It was really a life changing decision. Now I think what would be I am today if I won’t attend that workshop. If I would not attend that workshop then still I would be spending my lot of time in thinking about why I am so much different from others? Why I can’t able to speak fluent when it needs most? When I would cure myself and complete my all dreams??..blah blah!! I was always wearing a heavy load of emotions and thoughts to hide my stammering from others. It consumed so much energy that I missed many other opportunities around me. Although I was able to hide my stammer to a large extent in those days, but I never sensed a deep down satisfaction. If I used the tricks to speak fluent either it failed or success but a non-satisfaction always exits there. I felt guilty why after so many years I can’t make myself to speak like others. If I can’t learn a simple task of speaking what else I would do in my life. But attending that TISA meeting really was a life changing decision for me..How?? Let’s see.
               First time in my life I met so many people like me who speaks by the same way as I. Sharing my deep down emotions with them really was a nice experience for me. I sensed heavy emotions started to wear out because at last hidden treasure started to come out after so many years. I felt why I am so bothering with my way of speaking; if so many people are here who stammer but still leaving a good standard life. I got all the answers like why sometime I speak fluent and sometime can’t able to utter a single word. Why sometimes I forget all about my stammering and why some days pass in only contemplation of stammering. Why I don’t want to face some particular persons in my life?? What would happen if I will start to share my problem with others? First workshop gave all the answers to these questions. Only talking about stammering with others really healed a lot from inside. A lot of shame and guilt automatically started to melt down with it. I always doubt on myself how I can achieve my dream to become a teacher, but I met few persons there who already had done this. It was really a big motivation for me. And the most nice thing which happen to you when you attend a workshop or SHG meetings that you really enjoy the social interaction there because you are fully allowed to stutter as much as you can. Really!! 
              This Delhi workshop will provide you the same great opportunity so don’t miss it at any cost. An idea can change your life!! Who knows a really magic waiting for you too? A workshop after 2-3 months works like a booster medicine for the old TISA members and give us a chance to meet old friends and learn with fun. I am excitedly waiting for this workshop. I am sure that I will enjoy this workshop too as much I enjoyed earlier ones. TISA for us and it is our responsibility to spread its core message so that its benefits would reach to maximum.


sachin said...

Thanks a lot, Umesh, for sharing your thoughts and feelings. SELF-HELP is a totally new concept, in the field of stammering, in India at least. We, who have benefited through this path, must talk about it, so that others who have given up hope, may know, that something can still help them..

amit dixit said...

Very well written and Prevailing idea of SHG post Umesh..thanks for sharing

amit dixit said...
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abhishek said...

gr8 umesh. we never change others and can't blame others. shg and workshop is a very big plateform for pws to develope social skills and over all persionality.