June 10, 2012

We Can Fly

Do watch the 10th June episode of Satyameva Jayate if you have missed it. The theme was – “Persons with Disabilities” - We can fly.

Even though Stammering is not identified as a disability in our country, and whether it should come into the purview of disability is still debated, everything that was shown and said in this episode holds great relevance to the stammering community. Some of the stories featured inspire. Some of the issues raised are worth pondering. Great lessons of acceptance and perseverance to learn. The never say die attitude and the desire to do something despite their disabilities is something we all should learn from these people.

If you missed the episode on TV, here's the youtube link to it:


Mohit kumar said...

Yes harish I've seen it, its so inspiring that we shamed of our self. where are disability in us? just see them who is living their life with so ease and happily, its only because they just accepted it.
Wow Amazing show, Hope Aamir will broadcast this stammering awareness also.

Harish Usgaonker said...

Yes Mohit... They all inspire. We can learn a lot from all of them.

sachin said...

Yes- I dont know why some of us hesitate to consider stammering as a disability. Disability can be temporary..
Accepting this fact, I think, is the final act of acceptance..and once we take it, only then, we will really try to do something about it..instead of running away from it.
Satyamev has been taking up some very real and relevant issues.
Thanks Harish, for sharing it..

Manohar said...

is stammering a disability on par with a physical or learning disabilities?

Manohar said...

let's discuss this honestly.

sachin said...

There are different kind of disabilities: Intellectual, functional, physical etc. All disabilities are not disabling to the same extent. If a pws is able to do most of the things normally, s/he is welcome to claim that s/he is recovered and has no disability. But there are many pws, who are handicapped at every step because of stammering. For example young children suffer a lot- because grown ups around them are not willing to accept it as a disability (however temporary).
This is why there is a need to give up "shame" and accept, in the larger interest, that stammering is a special disability - temporary, variable but quite disabling. Many countries (eg. USA) recognize it as a disability and safeguards PWS's interests in matter of employment and education. Check this: