June 1, 2012

TISA's women wing

Ms. Upasana Nayak from Banglore  will be heading TISA's newly setup women's wing.  We sincerely wish her good luck with the new "job"  and are very confident that she would be a great role model to many girls who sometimes suffer in isolation and are not able to find a friend with whom they can share their very personal stories.If there is any girl reading this post, feel free to mail Upasana. Here is a brief write up that she sent to TISA's core team :

Hi, I am Upasana Nayak from Odisha, currently seraching for a job in Banglore. I have done my engineering in computer science. I am a WWS (Women who Stutter). I have stuttered since childhood, so stuttering is not a new thing to me. During my schooling I never looked at my stuttering as a problem. But once I was out of school, my perspective started changing and I started looking at my stuttering with fear and shame and also as an obstacle. After doing a lot of research I came to know that stuttering increases due to one’s emotional sensitivity and in general, girls are more emotionally sesitive than man, so stuttering becomes an even bigger challenge for women.

I recently came to know about TISA (The Indian Stammering Association). After attending SHG (Self Help Group) meeting in banglore, my fears, shame, guilt all have started disappearing and I have started to accept my stuttering. I am not saying that I am fluent after joining SHG, but I have got more courage and confidence to live my life without any shame or guilt. I think being a girl who stutter is more challening than for men who stutter. Sometimes WWS feel very lonley and can't find a right person to share her feelings about stuttering.  As I faced all the problems that comes with being a WWS, I can say now that for every problem there is a way out and I am here to help any WWS up to my best.
Feel free to contact me anytime upasana.nayak39[at]gmail.com


sachin said...

Congratulations, Upasana!
Serving others selflessly is a sadhana, and a reward by itself.
Our best wishes, ever!
(sachin for TISA family)

Dinesh said...

We, the Bangalore SHG is proud that Upasana is one of our members.
Now we are more happy that she has gone above Bangalore and has embraced whole of TISA as her family!! :-)
Kudos to you Upasana!

Rajesh V said...

Congrats Upasana :)


wow great ! you must be feeling proud

j jasbir singh said...

Good luck Upasana. Welcome in TISA family.

Upasana Nayak said...

Thanks a lot for wishes.
I hope i can do something for myself as well as for other WWS... :)

vishal gupta said...

congo.. upasana!!!!!

aloysius pious said...

Best Wishes

Tapan said...

Hats off.. courageous step..