June 2, 2012


 Stammering is a very sensitive issue. One who suffers from it can feel the pain of it.
With due respect it is very sad to say that the stammering center present in our country only use to attract others with their advertisement to stammering people. When read by a person about their ads, the whole scenario of living their future in a different way through treatment is strongly felt by them. But the reality is that the total intentions of such centers is towards profit and money instead to cure the suffering patient.
A stammering center (not mentioning name) shows through their ads that they can treat a patient 100% in 14 days which is totally a cheat to a person. It is totally unfair too.
Another issue is the costly practicing materials in which two books of 100 pages each and 3 CD's of 15 - 20 minutes are sold for Rs 4000. For an average people it is too expensive and out of his/her budget to cure stammering.
After receiving a certain amount they don't give a fair attention to their patients and wastes a lots- n -lots of time. Oonce the person leaves the center they don't care to have any kind of follow up with them.
I spent an amount of Rs 15000(on my treatment) whereas my friends spent Rs 20000-25000  but their is no sufficient result !!
Today their is lack of awareness and stammering people is wandering from place to place in search to cure themselves.
Let's organise a camp or a workshop which maybe under small scale through which more and more people should be in profit through it.
thanking you

Ed: Dr. Vijay Singh (vijaysinghdr95 at gmail dot com) is a medical doctor and pws, working under NHRM in Gorakhpur and his letter above is based on his true experiences.

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