June 17, 2012

News of Hyderabad SHG Meet Up on June 17

This weekend is one of the best SHG meetings i saw.
This meeting has taught us what confidence is. Talking freely even after if you stammer once/twice in conversation is called confidence,this is called controlling of speech patterns. Your ability lies in how you are able to ease your mind even if you stammered and this makes you Stammer at Ease. If you stammer at ease, this is a point where you can control your speech and talk what ever way you want.
The motive for the day is "its your life and you shall drive it to success so Practice is very important and after all you have heavenly benefits from that."

Members who attended the meeting w.r.t below picture are
1)Santhosh(new) 2)Mahipal 3)Pavan(i covered off his face:) ) 4)Srinivas(new)  5)Vijay 6)Krishna ji (new & also ex-pws and also Dad of Santhosh) 7)Rajesh(myself sitting on floor)

Activity-1 As We have new members today so we started meeting by discussion of what is stammering and possible causes of it.
How to control it. How to be confident even if found blocks in our speech.

Activity-2 We had discussion of what is Voluntary Stuttering and its miraculous healing in decreasing anticipatory fear. Later we discussed Air Flow Technique which will relax our vocal chords before we start producing sound. Immediately we practiced  them after discussion. We also discussed importance of slow speaking.

Activity-3 We had introduction round where all members introduced about themselves in a slow talking manner.Even some of us closed our eyes while we introduced. It was a bit long introductions where we had enough time for all.

Activity-4 We had Group Discussion where everyone has tried to talk slowly.Controlling anxiety levels and talking was our main concentration.

Activity-5 Later we had one line story building activity where everyone has to speak(unlike GD where some members never talked but here they should talk :) ). First member starts theme of the story and from then on all members will prolong the story with their one sentence and cycle continues. This is also a slow talking activity.

Activity-6 Next activity was shouting loudly, we all members stood in a straight line almost 5 meters apart from each. The first member shouts out a question for last member, last person must answer him by shouting, likewise last member also asks some questions to first member and next both end members will interchange with 2nd & last but-one and slowly the activity progresses.It is a fun filled activity we had yesterday.
Shouting loudly will make your ears to send feedback to brain how strong your voice is and this gives so much confidence to us. Don't talk in low voice if possible, show what you are to the world and realize your bliss of sound :)

Record your voice when you practice at home/group and listen to it when you find time, it will make you know what you are, you can correct yourself if required, you can appreciate your voice and this is enough to gain a great confidence in speech patterns. Because we are already a full established teachers of our life's.

Apart from these, all members have discussed their problems and all other members have given their views and suggestions. Mr.Krishna ji being elder and an Ex-PWS has told about his expirements withovercoming stammering and his struggle in being what he is presently. He stressed on words on how practice is very much important for us to get confidence in speech patterns.He is awesome person, he says everything in smile. I have took his words so deep about doing practice.
I have seen Mahipal and Pavan improving a lot in their speech patterns and confidence.

Day was awesome with magical weather, cloudy and later drizzled. Ducks in pond have shown their beauty in enjoying their small world in that pond. It was Great day and i was recharged to the fullest with activities and members i met.

Together We Step Up :) Together We Succeed :)
With Regards,
Rajesh V
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Raja said...

Great to see consistent meetings, great activities and good audience for the meetings. Appreciate all of your efforts and enthusiasm. With summer vacations now over, I hopefully would join some of the meetings.

Sugandh Rakha said...

Ooops.. I missed this one..
It would surely have been fun..

See you at the next meeting.

Neeraj said...

@Raja Sir: Wish to see u soon in next meet..

Wow.. Great session.. I missed it again.. I had my childhood friends who came over to see me this weekend all the way from chennai and bangalore.. Now more trips and parties till August :) .. so m all set to attend all the weekends meets..

cheers bro..

sachin said...

Stammering comfortably, easily and in a forward fashion is a very well accepted approach to stammering therapy; It is called "Stuttering modification approach". Going by your post, I can see that you all are moving in that direction.
Congratulations to all of you! Keep practicing and develop a community around this approach..

Rajesh V said...

@Raja ji--Thank you so much.
We are very eager and we will be very happy to see you in the meetings again.

@Sugandh--We miss you bro, Hope your health is fine now.

@Neeraj--Thanks bro :)Yes come to next meeting we shall rock :)

Rajesh V said...

@Sachin ji---Thank You so much for your support everytime and guiding me in activities.
Yes we will surely develop our community Sachin ji.


Vinay said...

Hyderabad SHG is going good !!