June 10, 2012


       Meeting details of 3 rd june ,due to rain factor we have cancelled our 10 june meeting.
       Members: Gulshan , Gaurav ,Ravindra ,Bennet ,Myself
       Regards:   Romi ,shyam sundaram(future coordinator),Amey ,wasim
    In mumbai rainy season has started showing it's rainbow colour
Meeting started with breathing exercises to correct our breathing pattern ,then we started our formal introduction round ,we gave our introduction by following bouncing and voluntary shuttering.In 2 nd round we stared discussing about following certain accent or changing our voice accent to control our stammering.
Gulshan shared his experiences with us ,how to control our emotional factors and he shared many techniques to control our  speech .we ended our meeting with a Number game .
shyam (9892018162)
                                                                                                                              Have a nice day,

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sachin said...

Wow- guys keep it up..