June 10, 2012

Bangalore SHG meet up Details: 10/06/12

      Self Improvement is the Best Improvement
Attendees: Dinesh(The Co-ordinator), Abhinav, Dinesh, Sairam, Thenna, Rohit, Jeetu, Kiran, Upasana(Myself)
Thought of the meeting: Analyse and set the priority among things, then give 100% Value to your first priority. It will take other priorities in a right way.
It was an amazing meeting we had today. From the very beginning Co-ordinator Dinesh wrote two points which we all had to follow at least in our today’s speech. Those are 1.Eye Contact 2.Reducing secondary behaviour.. Then we started with Kiran with his introduction. After him all the members gave their intro one by one. I can say that each and every one are giving better and better speech week by week in every SHG meet up. It’s really the thing that we all should proud of...
Then time came to give prepared speeches by almost every one.
First went Jeetu. He gave his Ice Breaker Speech. He was so relaxed and calm that he could start and finish his speech very bravely. He got some blocked but still he was so good to manage his blocks. Now a days it is noticed that he is more confident. This is very much required for all.
Second chance was for me. I had also my Ice breaker speech to speak. I practiced my speech 6-7 times. I never thought that I will speak fluently; I only keep in my mind that I had to speak my speech so that every body understand what I want to speak. One thing I always avoid Eye contact. But today I tried my best to overcome this and I succeeded some how.
Then its time for Dinesh: He spoke about Effect of Electronics Gadget in life. His way of presentation was very good and listeners listened his speech so interestingly that he lasted his speech for about 25 mins. But after it he also told that from next onwards he will keep his speech shorten. He improved a lot from first meeting. Well done Dinesh..
Time came for Smart Smiling Sairam: His speech was the fourth speech of toast master club and it’s about “Representing your Emotion”. He spoke about one of his Trips to Coorg. He spoke very happily today as he visualised the whole trip to himself and also to the listeners which is a real achievement by itself.
Abhinav cancelled his speech due to some reason, but hope next time he will give his speech.
Rohit also thought for giving speeches for toast master club.
It is expected that Karan and Henna will also give their prepared speech in next meeting.
Then we all had a group discussion about our priorities in our life. Daring Dinesh was the co-ordinator of this discussion. He gave three options(Family, Work, SHG or Self Improvement), among which we had to choose our priority. Every one spoke about their priorities. Thoughts of every one didn’t match but some how very effectively it was concluded that we have to give priority to our self improvement first. By this only we can make our self improve as well as improvement happens in family and in work. And it is true also, if we are not capable of managing ourselves, then how we all can manage family and work efficiently.
And then time came to end up an other great session. We all got chances to explore our self by speaking, and also learned something. Every one was happier by ending because they got to know about their positive part more and more. Hats off to Daring Dinesh, the co-ordinator of Bangalore SHG, who is always at his best to take himself as well as other members in a right order of improvement.
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sachin said...

Well done- everyone!
Upasana has done great job of documenting everything..
Keep trying out something new in every session..