May 29, 2012

SHG Meet at Herbertpur, 27 May 2102

In this meet there were three attendees Dr Sachin , me and Anil .First we had some general talks .After that Dr Sachin and I picked one toy each from the bucket full of toys (you can see in the image).Then Dr sachin told that now we are the puppeteer and the toy is our puppet and we will converse using them . While conversing we have to move the toy as if the toy was alive and talking to each other .

Then Dr Sachin asked me many difficult questions using the puppet. Dr Sachin wouldn’t have asked such questions without the help of puppet. After that I went with Anil to the Tea garden (E-e-e-edan Baag). While we were walking in the Tea garden I asked many questions to Anil & Anil were asking questions in between. But I was stuttering a lot , almost on every word .There were a lot of hard block , I tried to bounce but couldn’t .That’s all right I “Accept All ” and I will keep on moving & keep on practicing J

After that I went to Dr Sachin’s home and had a long chat with Dr Sachin’s wife (she is a great lady ,I had never seen anyone like her. One cannot judge or imagine the depth of her heart which is full of love and affection). After that I went back home .    


Dinesh said...

Dr Sachin is definitly is the youngest of the lot! :-)

Gorav, you always write as it is! Good! will love to see you in Coorg!

sachin said...

Using the puppets, we suddenly became someone else and that gave us a lot of freedom to talk about "dating" issues!
Marian and you seem to have enjoyed your colorful drinks!

J P Sunda said...

I am curious about those coloured drinks ?

Mohit kumar said...

Sachin sir is always doing something new and funny with stuttering, it show his innovative ideas, great sir

@gorav- as always you again rock bro. try to understand clearly what sir is teaching you and also apply to your life.

sachin said...

Those drinks had only 20% ethyl alcohol.. and afterwards they were rocking.. :-)

Rajesh V said...

Wow so cute toys in the hands of even more cute people over there.
Nice activity it is. Sachin ji you are ultimate.
I want to visit Herbertpur and cherish many beautiful moments.
Gorav, you are a rocking guy...