May 26, 2012

SHG Meet At Herbertpur 20 may 2012

Meeting was started by 4 pm. Attendees were Dr Sachin , Anil , Pavan , Gorav , Vaibhav , Vaibhav’s father and one more. First we had introduction round in which we had to use bouncing and prolongation technique . Then we had to tell something more about ourselves & what we did in that week. After that we had some discussions. I asked Dr Sachin that I am practicing daily slow reading , pranayama , bouncing and still I feel guilty when I stutter. He told me to work more on acceptance, just by writing HAKLA on blog is not enough (: p) .You actually have to stammer also . अरे हकला नहीं हक्लाएगा तो कौन हक्लाएगा ? Somehow I know that I stutter but I deep down I don't want to stammer.

Then we did another round of introduction with volunteering stuttering. After that we had to say our name with volunteering stuttering .Dr Sachin asked me that how I was feeling when I was doing volunteering stuttering. I told him that I didn’t noticed my feelings / emotions .When I was saying these words I was stuttering and Dr Sachin ask me that now tell me how you are feeling ?. I told very bad .Then we had one more round of volunteering stuttering. Dr Sachin asked me how I was feeling now ? I told better than the previous round.

Then we played a game “bol bum“ with volunteering stuttering – the rule were that we will stutter severely each time in a different way . After that rules were upgraded, now we have to dance also while doing volunteering stuttering.Than in the last we had a dancing round .We all (including Dr Sachin) were dancing with full feeling and fun. Dr Sachin told that he had never danced before. Then our meeting was over by 6:30 pm.


J P Sunda said...

"bol bum" with dance!! This should be a part of this year's national get together :-) What do you say, Gorav ?


why not ?

Rajesh V said...

Wow this "bol burn with dancing" activity is awesome :)
I missed Sachin ji's dancing :(

With Regards.

sachin said...

Dear Gorav- you are almost THERE! Just keep walking. Acceptance is a muscle, which becomes strong by daily use..The change may not be visible to you but I am sure it is there. I can see it. Just keep working - with FAITH in yourself.

Dinesh said...

There is this one great line in Bhagwath Geetha which is ageless and true.

"Do your work and do not worry about your results - Karm karo, phal ki chinta mat karo"

Gorav, keep all your pratice going with all the vigor without any thought on the outcome. The moment you start thinking about outcome you cannot give 100% in your practice.