May 5, 2012

For All the SHG Coordinators

Hi My Dear All SHG coordinators,

Good Day Wishes!!!
Hope all are doing fine.

I am Rajesh from Hyderabad SHG.
Today I called most of the coordinators of TISA across India and asked a help of updating an excel sheet.
Some people couldn't lift the call though :) I would try them again ;)
It was very great talking to them and knowing their wellness.

We need to update an excel sheet with people's information who have attended SHG meetings at least once in your cities.
If you have people who contacted you at least once for knowing about SHG meetings/stammering even you can include them as well at last of the sheet marking them specially.

The reason for asking this help is, as a part of our National Get-Together which is being held in Coorg this September, we are planning to call the people personally and invite them and also the excel file shall serve as a record of people who are most active on SHG meetings. It is always good to have such information at hand about those active members so please help us in updating the excel sheet and send the updated excel sheet to my gmail-id (

Please check the mail from IndianPWS groups (even in spam)for the excel file with an empty template in which you have to update members's details.
Thanks for the help in Advance.

For any queries you can call me at 96 76 82 0007 or mail me.

Have a nice day.
Together We Step Up :) Together We Succeed :)
With Regards,
Rajesh V.


Dinesh said...

Wonderful Rajesh.
The zeal with which you take up an activity is second to none!
Super Brother!!
I will mail you the details of all Bangalore SHG members in XL sheet!!

sachin said...

Yes, Rajesh, as we discussed today- it is important to do some canvassing.. and it will be good if people registered EARLY; Only then, can everything be planned and organised well. I will be sharing this info with my group in Herbertpur and Dehradun..

J P Sunda said...

I too will motivate all the SHG members in Chandigarh to come to Coorg. Regarding sharing excel, we would have to check with our members in Chandigarh. Will surely share the details of the members who agree.

Rajesh V said...

@Sachin ji,
-------Thanks for the support and You guys always inspire me in doing great things.
I still wonder thinking of my past when i was a child and when none was at home i used to keep our landline handle aside so that no calls would come and i no need to answer them :)I escaped from talking in those days:)
There is a huge change now :)

With Regards.