May 9, 2012

Me And My Stammering

Amit Dixit is quite well known to us! Here is a very interesting and honest post from him. His story highlights a much forgotten fact: we are not alone. We are not helpless. Common men have uncommon stories to tell. He can be reached at amitdixit_009 at Read on..

Hi guys .Myself Amit Dixit!!..I am going to share my experiences with stammering.Stammering is in my life as far as i can remember.I realizes three stages of stammering in my life.
!)Since class 2nd to class 8th, I was capable to hide my stammering from outsiders..but i used to stammer with my family members.I think that was initial stage of stammering and also psychology about stammering was very less.
!!)After class 8th to class 12th. my stammering increased and its effect was like something Vice-Versa to the initial stage.In this frame of time i stammered a lot with outsiders but very less stammered with my family members.
!!!)After class 12th till i have taken Therapy.That was the worst part of my life(I will write about of therapy  later)I became a case of severe stammerer..Unable to say any thing to outsiders as well as my parents.I was unable to answer phone calls even from my parents.

   When i was doing my engineering I always failed to answer my Roll Call,by which my attendance shortened every semester..I requested to my teachers to take care of it(I requested them to see towards me at my roll call)but they failed to remember.I requested to my friends to speak at my roll call,but most of time they refused(They were afraid that teacher may punish them for PROXY like activity,i realized how coward people are.They have a voice but they don't know to use it).
  When i was in third year of my graduation,I have taken speech therapy .After therapy i realized that If I do regular exercise than some day i can overcome my stammering.I Practiced a lot but Relapsing occurred again and again.After B tech I opened coaching center in Lucknow.For one month I  always tried to speak in PROLONGATION WAY where possible.After one month I feel my self in a comfortable state(At the same time i was doing field job,I communicated a lot of people by which my shame and guilt reduced,You can say I accepted my stammering in a great extent).After this i got quite confidence.I started to go to the colleges ,met with principles and teachers informing about my coaching center.I was happy, every thing was going well.But due to some circumstances i closed my coaching center,left my job[(I was working in my friends company(small firm)].I caught by depression...And again stammering taken its place.
    My anxiety level increased,I tried to use therapy exercises,but failed...I was unable to INHALE -EXHALE.May be that was due to depression or side effect of Inhale-Exhale through mouth(unnatural way)for long time.I was lonesome, jobless and isolated.
   After that i came to know about TISA.I talked a lot of SHG friends started join SHG meetings.3 problems of my life tear away.i.e Anxiety,loneliness and isolation.
 Now I am with TISA and doing regular book reading,and also attending SKYPE Conferencing .SHG meetings and Skype conferencing helped me a lot.Thanks to all my SHG friends and TISA which give me a platform for my betterment.


sachin said...

Yes, Amit- it is always in our POWER to help ourselves and others, whether we choose to use it or not.. Thanks a lot for taking the initiative to share your story..

amit dixit said...

Thanks sir!!..Pic of superman looking cool.sir..from my experiences i realized that CONFIDENCE matters.SHG meetings is the first tool to reduce fear and a days at skype conferencing I am getting amazing experiences.The best thing about skype is that it is regular and we did all type of practices.GD & ROLL PLAYING have wonderful this we are doing every day MOCK INTERVIEW AND GD.these sessions are filling gap between regular SHG meetings.

Karthik said...

Hi Amit,
You have always amazed me with the improvements. The way you spoke when we started the skype calls and the control on speech that you are having now which you show in the skype, its always kept me wondering. You have a lot of dedication in what you are doing. I am sure that day is not far when you would have total control of your stammering. That day is not far when stammering would stop controlling you and you would start controlling your stammering like what sachin sir does. All the best.

And not everyone has the guts to start a company. You have done that. That shows you have the confidence in your ability. Make that grow. Who knows you would become another successful Businessman.

J P Sunda said...

Amit, some day you should try "roll call" play instead of role plays on these skype calls :-) Your commitment in helping others and yourself is quite inspiring!

amit dixit said...

:-) J P Sir.roll call still haunting me..And i think Kartik knows that saying "Yes Kartik "or "Yes Rajesh" I still feel difficulty at YES.
Again Kartik I remember When you started these Skype sessions..I was the first fellow to attend the first skype session.And you dnt know how much I inspired by you..I think Skype Conferencing is a MILESTONE in SHG history.Skype sessions should be encouraged.Thanks for your compliments and best wishes.<:D

Rajesh V said...

@Amit--Happy to see you with more confidence and hope these days.
I heard from Karthik that you have changed to a new home just because you are having some background noise while you are skyping and moved to a new location that is very great. This kind of efforts will surely be paid in our life.

Skype SHG is a everyday small pill and Live SHG at weekends is a booster dose once in every weekend. These 2 will help a lot:) I am improving a lot because of both activities.
Thanks to our TISA for all the support.

With Regards.

Jitender Gupta Pratham said...

Thanx for sharing an inspiring experience about stammering & TISA.

Mohit kumar said...

@Amit..You really a courageous boy.Many of us gone in negative path, when he feels alone. But you shown us a very inspiring stories.
Great keep going..


really you are a courageous guy