April 29, 2012

Goa SHG Meets in Panaji

Left to Right: Prajot, Rahul, Babaji and Harish
Today, we decided to meet in the capital city Panaji for the first time. Our new friend from Mapusa (Near Panaji), with his enthusiastic efforts and zeal to attend an SHG meeting, arranged a venue for holding the SHG meeting. A few more people from Panaji were expected, but couldn’t turn up in the end. Finally, it was four of us who met –
      1.      Prajot (From Mapusa)
      2.      Rahul
      3.      Babaji
      4.      Harish 


We started with introductions and sharing our stammering stories. Rahul, Babaji and I shared about our backgrounds, hobbies and stammering. Prajot, who was with us in a SHG meeting for the first time also talked about his stammering, about the experience with his speech therapists and how he came across TISA, kept following the blogs and was fascinated by the idea of Self Help.

Support and Contradict

Next we had a communication game – Support and Contradict. Each one was given a topic on which the speaker can either choose to speak for or against. But as he spoke, one of the listeners would clap, after which he should shift from his current stand. (If for then go against, and if against then go for the topic). This was both challenging and fun. The most important thing to learn in this was quick thinking and transitions from one point to another.

Guess the Drawing

We then had a fun game. One participant had to whisper something into another, who had to draw what was whispered in his ears. The others had to guess what was whispered in his ears by looking at the drawing. This was a fun game, where we had to communicate using drawings.


We then had mini-presentations of 3 minute each per speaker. The speaker had to could choose topic of his comfort. One member timed the speaker. At the end of all four presentations, we evaluated each others strengths and areas of improvement.

Practice Rounds

Finally, sitting in a circle, we practiced – Bouncing, Block Correction (Cancellation) and Easy onset techniques.

As we reached the end of the meeting, we had casual discussions about stammering, our experiences and shared a few stories with each other. We also discussed what activities we could do in our meetings to come. A day outing was also something which was discussed, for which the hunt for a suitable place will begin and will be organized depending on the availability of maximum members.


J P Sunda said...

A report from goa after a long time! Glad to see some new faces and some regular ones :-)

Mohit kumar said...

Hearty Congrats to GOA SHG. This was my first time when i am seeing GOA SHG report live.

jasbir singh said...

Good luck Goa SHG. Keep moving.

Harish Usgaonker said...

Thank u all :)

I am Santosh said...

Hey!!! good to see you all!!!!
All the best!!!