April 3, 2012

From Gorav Datta

I am supposed to get ready by 6:00 am but i am not able to do so i am always late by 5-10 mins and Dr Sachin had to wait for me (he is always on time) I feel bad on this. Today i have to go alone for the morning walk in the tea garden .There i also ran for about 15 minutes. After that I did 30 mins meditation and 30 min bouncing practice by reading n bouncing on every word.
After that I took my breakfast and went to ANUGRAH (school of children with special care) .It was a great experience for me I really enjoyed there I played with the children and also a lot of thoughts were there that I used to say that I am the only poor fellow in the world who cannot buy a ticket in the bus/train but these children cannot do even the very small thing like scratching their body if any itch is there. When they laugh, I had never seen laughter like this before .These Children are having so many problems and still they laugh like anything. I had always cried because of my stammering { )-: }.
In the afternoon I took my lunch and had some rest .Went for karate in the evening .Did some marketing for Dr Sachin and after that I had a walk in the half moon night , went for the dinner and went for sleep

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Rajesh V said...

Hi Gourav,

This is Rajesh, few days we had a talk when i called up Sachin ji, Hope u remembered me.

Its very happy to listen that you are doing your best in daily activities.
Keep it up.

With Regards,