March 29, 2012

Bouncing technique is the Best

Hi All,

This is Rajesh from Hyderabad.
Yesterday I was very excited to talk to Sachin ji for the first time and that too through phone.
I stammered too much when i was talking to Sachin ji.
Its my excitement and fear talking to a new person made me stammer so much.
First we had a formal introduction and Sir asked what am i upto.
Later he has asked me to talk to an young engineering graduate beside him.
I talked with that person very easily and stammered very less.
And again when phone was handed to Sachin ji again i started my stammering :) :)
Then Sir asked me "Rajesh what exercises you do to keep your stuttering at bay?", then i said proudly "Bouncing technique".
Sir asked me then why dont you talk to me in Bouncing technique style then i tried and was surprised to see my stammering gone in a minute :)
That's a Master way of treating his student and making him apply right technique and right place. Thank you Sir :)
Only yesterday i realized the importance of Bouncing technique when i applied in real time.

Finally i said to Sir a  funny yet real fact poem. The poem started with my stutter sound.....
Stuttering is just another way of talking, Its not a disorder nor a disease. 
Plants talk silently with moving winds
Dogs talk each other with Barking sounds.
People talk each other with normal speech.
Stuttering people talk each other in stuttering way...

I believe stuttering is not a crime nor a bad work, So never feel shy to talk. If we feel bad about our stuttering then what about people who are completely dumb by birth.
We are at least gifted with some sound and speech...
God will help us to make this journey more challenging.
Yes stammering people life is full of challenges but normally speaking guy has no challenges every time.
So we become strong and strong day by day with challenges so that Stammer becomes weaker one day.
We strive and we can make this happen in grousp..So lets join our hands and hit back Stammer.
Join us at Skype calls everyday in between 9:30 PM IST till 10:30 PM IST.
Add me to skype "rajesh.jaca2"
I will be waiting for your request and lets hit back Stammer.
Stammering With Smile

With Regards,
Rajesh V.


Dinesh said...

Happy to see such a enthusiastic post. Keep it up Rajesh.

And yes, Master's talk even in light vein contains deepest of wisdom! :-) Sachin Sir got to learn lot from you.. I'm tempted to visit Herbertpur each day! :-)

sachin said...

Thanks Rajesh and Dinesh!

Rajesh V said...

Welcome Sachin Sir :)and Dinesh.
Well said Dinesh, we have to learn a lot from Sachin Sir.

Box Box Stammering :) Boxing with Stammering!!!