February 25, 2012

Shimla get together final participants list

finally tickets are booked, here is detail of participates :

  1. Jai prakash
  2. Dhruva
  3. Anupinder
  4. Pramendra
  5. Umesh
  6. Amit
  7. Gorav
  8. Saurabh
  9. Jitendra
  10. Vinod (join us in shimla)
Coach Seat No.
C-3 / 0008 to 0013
C-3 / 0020 to 0022

Any one can join us from kalka by booking in following train:
52455 Himalyan Queen Narrow Gauge and hurry up!!! Still 70+ seats available
departure from Kalka on 12:10 afternoon
reach Shimla at 5:20 Pm

or in shimla directly

for any enquiry contact
Anupinder: 9779977441


sachin said...

Wonderful! You guys are changing history! Britishers made this line to hold polite conversation with their "Lady wives" and French poodle, as they traveled up from Kalka to Shimla for Christmas holidays.
You are going to change all that- for ever! WWWWWow..

sikander said...

Very good Anupinder and Dhruva! I am sure you guys are going to have a big fun and enjoyment with purpose of spearding the awareness of stammering in hlll station. I am very happy some of our friends from Delhi i.e Umesh and Pramendra are going to join you there.

lalit said...

nice anupinder ...things are going in planned manner ...i thing we stammers are good in planing..:-)

Mohit kumar said...

All the very best guys. Hope for your great journey.Learn some more technique, rules and share it here.i really want to come, but 4th march is my exam. date.Miss you all my friend.

Sid said...

have fun guys!!!