February 18, 2012

Enlightenment..... Needed for everybody here

After accepting the fact and reality of my ACCEPTANCE by doing things, i am again here with another path of felicity.

Everyday, at some situation, our mind plays some kind of game. if i say "Ok.. I will talk to my friend.. but i will not stammer now.." mind always swing the other way round and it will not obey promptly... and we start experience a state of weird emotions and anger.

mind of Enlightenment is needed..

As headed by Eckhart tolle... "The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it."
It says everything and this gives us a clear picture of the game that mind plays with us.

some ways to enlighten our mind:
1. Can we try to think positive thoughts in difficult situations?  Yes..why not.. we can start with a smile... (Try to fake it until you make it)

2. Do we have time from the busy schedule for our mind. our mind do need some rest while we are awake :) ? Yes.. At-least we can do that for our-self.

3.Can we control our emotions and anger.??  Of course. we can talk to our-self and can command our mind to be relax.

4. we can build our confidence with smile.

All answers are within our-self. awareness is needed to enlighten us.

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J P Sunda said...

Keep writing Prakash and slowly you will see that the writing will help you organize your thoughts much better