January 21, 2012

To be relaxed...

Few days back, i come across an incident of Maharshi Ramana's life.

Maharshi Ramana was very fond of travelling to some mountains near his ashram.One night, he decided to visit those mountains throughly as he had always been forced to get down in the mid way due to shortage of time.So, he announced in his ashram that he had decided to get up very early in the next morning to get a through site seeing of those mountains.He also decided to keep a full day fast the same day.

As per planning, he get started very early with fast legs to the venue.Only after a few minutes, he saw few ladies waiting on the way for him.They got the news about his today's journey so they had brought a loads of delicious meals for him.They greeted him and requested him to take a short break and have the meals as it would help him in his journey.Seeing their affection,love and gratitude, he thought it would hurt them if he denied their food.So, in-spite of his fast, he had the meal. Similarly, he was offered meals 2-3 times again in his journey.He had them all.Due to all these short frequent breaks, he even could not travel upwards as much as he used to, before starting walking downwards.

So, here i understood a very point that he didn't hurt/refuse his lovers/followers of their offerings/meals even though he supposed to have a fast and also, all those breaks were creating hurdles in his journey.For him, not to hurt them was more important than his fast or his site seeing.

He was perfectly comfortable with his ownself.He was perfectly in peace with himself.He was not a man of strict discipline, rather a man who welcomes life as it comes.It is quite an different sort of saint's thing than those epic saints who used to screw someone very hard even if that living being didn't hurt them or break their meditations knowingly.

Similarly, what i think, anyone should be perfectly in peace with himself.To be too desperate for something is not at all required, even any speech improvement.

Sometimes, i used to be so desperate to complete my words that it gets weird for me as well as the listener.Some thing like it is a question of life and death for me.

But, the point is, what if....i don't make it?? what if i just can't complete my words?

Simple, nothing is going to happen.It is not going to be as harmful as i perceives.

So, i just thought it worth to share this lovely story with my fellow peers :-)


J P Sunda said...

Ashish bhai kabhi likhane se fursat nikal kar aur logon se bhi mila karo...Apka itna gayan nahi to waste ho jayega

lalit said...

ashish bahi bahut hi achha likha hai....... :-)