January 9, 2012

From Chennai..

Dear Friends,
The Chennai chapter meeting was held on 7.1.12 & attended by 13 pws including 3 new ones. Myself and Raja Bhattacharji narrated the various activities happened at NC Bhubaneshwar. We have also shown photos to them in a laptop.
I informed to them that I personally benefited after attending NC not only in stammering point of view, but also about the fun, joy and happiness which I got form NC. It could not be explained in words but only to be experienced. I never felt this much of happiness in my life for quite many years.
Then, we voluntarily stuttered for about 20 min. Some of the pws realised that how much it difficult to stutter voluntarily.
The 3 new pws asked for a speech therapy. I teached the speech therapy which I learned from Mr.Balasubramaniam which is a combination of therapy and berating control.
Mr.Vishal and Mr.Hassanand have given inspirational speech at the end. Vishal told that when he was young, he could not find out the reason for others laughing at him. After some years, he realised that those who were laughing would not going to help him either emotionally or monetarily and hence not at all bothered about others laughing because of his stammering. Hassanand told that he always speak as if he is the best speaker and not bothered about his stammering. Incidentally, Hassanand is doing textile business successfully for more than 35 years which involves more talking and frequent traveling.
Now I understand that though "Acceptance" is fore most important to conquer or control stammering,  acceptance is not alone is not sufficient to lead good life like others. It requires change in attitude as well as mind set towards stammering like Vishal and Hassanand's mindset.
One thing which saddened me the most which I would like to share with this group. Couple of pws has informed to me that their wives are teasing and bullying them for not getting good job and earning enough money. One of the pws wife is not even allowing him to speak to their 8 year old son for fearing of copying his stammering. I have no answer to them except God will always take sometime to do good things.
We are proposed to go for an outing in the next month... may be to Mahapalipuram on line with NC.
Coming back to NC I thank everyone from whom I learned something. My special thanks to Dr.Sachin and JP for arranging the first NC in India. My thanks to Dr.Satya Mahapatra for spending most of his time at NC and also to his wife who has also spent much time at NC. What a wonderful couple!. I also wondered how Elaine has got so much of energy! Full of energy throughout NC. Hats off to her!
Those who missed NC has really missed something in their life. My suggestion to them is where ever they get such opportunity, use it. You can learn much more than stammering. May be you can understand even the meaning of LIFE....
That's all from Chennai.

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Mohit kumar said...

yes you are right Manimaran sir...this NC gives a lot of learning to us...but really also hats off to your "ACCEPTANCE"..we must learn from you...and we glad that you come to bhubneswar and share your personal experiences with us...
Thanks sir!!!