December 29, 2011

Day 2: Aaaaaaple!

(Pic 2) Dr Elaine interacts with a group of Audiology students. (Pic 1) At one point we divided in two subgroups. This group went through basics quickly with sachin, so that they could practice good communication skills over next 3 days and understand TISA approach. The other group was facilitated by Elaine, who introduced the concept of PULLOUT - (1) becoming AWARE of the tension in different parts of the body (shoulder, jaw, tongue, hands, neck etc.)  and (2) consciously being able to diffuse this tension so that (3) we move FORWARD in our speech. We used the example of saying "Aaaaaple" (apple)- beginning with a tension level of 4 in our articulators and then relaxing them gently at "ple", by bringing the tension down to normal at 1.5..It was a good exercise which helped us to internalize our focus at inner speech mechanism- inner awareness of tension in our throat, jaw, tongue etc..  Of course some people were disappointed because they expected an apple to materialize out of air, as they said "Aaaaaaaple" again and again..:-)
Next, Dr Satya gave an impressive demonstration of "Hetero-suggestion": He induced significant changes in two volunteer subjects over just few minutes through the power of suggestion: they felt they were falling, swaying, feeling light etc etc. Another concomitant change was: Subjects felt that there mind had almost stopped- very little thoughts were passing through. The message of the demonstration was: through auto-suggestion we too can switch into positive frame of mind AT WILL. Again, we can also unwittingly make ourself depressed and even sick through negative self-talk. PWS often indulge in this without realizing.. Mitesh shared his experiences of EFT (emotional freedom technique) in this regard. Vivek shared about Vipassana and how it centers our consciousness and we learn to see the world in its true perspective..
Post lunch, JP introduced a vigorous energizer: four teams had to keep a balloon afloat (in the air) by blowing at it from below.. Law of aerodynamics were totally against group of four desperate individuals, who at times at fall flat on the floor to blow at the falling balloon..Most inspiring about it: Both Elaine and Dr Satya participated. 

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abhishek said...

wow!!!!!! i am really miss this type of activities and these loveable people.. CAPTION( dr.sachin and jp sir)hame ap pe aur apke in jabajo pe garv hai...tisa and all pws proud of u. and i salute all particapting people and their mindblowing energy and enthusiasm..aise jindadili,tajagi,sapne,sachai,kalpana,ahsas,astha ,biswas ke sath lage raho.....all the best....and happy new new year to all of you..