November 29, 2011


Acceptance, being the core principle of TISA, is going to be the most explorable concept in our NC @ bhubneshwar...i guess.

So i would like to take the opportunity to share my understanding and belief about ACCEPTANCE.

Let us switch off the microscope from stammering for a bit and zoom to see what does ACCEPTANCE stands for, in a human life as a whole.

After reading and listening to few noble personalities from whom I am much influenced, I can conclude that ACCEPTANCE means to accept the life as it is.No struggle or strive for any change.To being in one selves nature is ACCEPTANCE.To be in complete peace with own nature is ACCEPTANCE.

Hence, in regard to stammering, ACCEPTANCE must imply no further craving for any change (improvement) in speaking fluency. ACCEPTANCE must mean that stammering is not anymore a PROBLEM to be resolved.

Implies that the then-present speech must be accepted whole heartedly diminishing all the false dreams of any fluency.

ACCEPTANCE must not be seen as a magical tool for OVERNIGHT FLUENCY IMPROVER.

On the path of ACCEPTANCE, i still can't isolate myself from the un-necessary dreams of fluency in speech.Still a number of times, i crave for remarkable fluent speech, that also in a very short span of time....a hallmark stamp of low level of patience, a general property of all creatures called stammerers.

But, getting known to the true meaning of ACCEPTANCE, i will accept my speech one day completely rising above the un-necessary dreams of fluency.This truth will let me enjoy my talking rather than juggling around for hypothetical fluency.

"With truth only, life becomes a joyride of love,bliss and freedom"


sachin said...

So that others dont misunderstand you- let me say again about TISA's stand: Accept stammering (Fighting it has not helped you all these years)- but dont accept, POOR COMMUNICATION. Because Communication is a basic skill which everyone has to practice in life and it can be learned. In other words- shift your focus from Fluency to Communication, from "CURE" to management..
Great write up Ashish. Keep sharing..This too is a communication and you are becoming better and better by PRACTICE..

Hiten said...

Excellent post Ashish. I would like to add that acceptance of speech difficulties doesn't mean one resigns to their problems, and becomes helpless. Instead, you understand that stammering is a part of you and you continue to live your life from an empowered position.

Keep writing!