October 25, 2011


* first i salute tisa who provide a beautiful plateform for pws to devlope overall personality, work on their fear   situation and experiment with stammering and its  techanique.
* thanks a lot to dr. sachin and jp sir and all shg co-oridnator who has maitained this great community and its friutful thoughts and its purity.
* thanks a lot to sikander sir , pramendra , umesh, lalit sir and pinakin to displaying their creativity , sharing your ideas,  proper guidance and motivation on each step and taking  responsibility to make this successful event.
* i am very grateful to mr. nitin tomer, mr. pawaj anand, mr. deepak santora, mr. anuj, mr anoop, mr. gaurav and all delhi shg old member to estblaish delhi shg and joining more pws.
* i am obliged those new pws who particapate in delhi workshop and spend their precious time sharing their heart touching experience.

*if we do a good work for social. then people will become happy and always appreciate, this is not a big issue that i am stammer. stammering is a  part of our life. it will be better that not only focused on their stammering but also focused on overall personality.for ex ( agar 5 cm ki koi line hai aur ise choti karni hai to simply isase ek badi line draw kar de. kahne ka matlab sirf itna hai ki haklane ko hum man le ki ye life ka ek part hai aur apne apko aur activity me involve kare taki hamari personality, management skill, hamara knowledge increase ho sake to stammering ek bahut bada issue nhi rah jayaga aur ye shg meeting and aur workshop organise karke devlope kiya ja sakta hai).
*how work has been done with a team it is not easy but always interesting. we know that during communicaton  90 % part is listening . so working on our listening skill shg and workshop is a good place.
*there is a big role of shg and workshop to make our acceptance so strong on this particular moment and to do experiment with real life situation and stammering techanique.

few lines for pws......

HAR KASTI KA TAJURBA HOTA HAI DARIA ME (stammering is different please don't compare between good or bad)
SAFAR ME HAR BAR MAJDAR HO AISA NHI HOTA(Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.)

JO HO EK BAR WO HAR BAR HO AISA NHI HOTA( ye koi jaruri nhi hai ki jo apke past ka bad experience  ho wo future me bhi repeat ho)
KISI KO TO HOGI KAHI PAR APNA BHI INTJAR ( failure se darne ki jarurat nhi hai ho sakta god ne usase acchi chese bana ke rakhi ho jo sirf aur sirf apni ho because  Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm )
KOI RASTA SADA DUSWAR HO AISA NHI HOTA(so we must apply  more and more experiment in real life situation with the help of bouncing , voluttering stuttering and other techanique)


sachin said...

Beautiful, Abhishek!
Great poetry!
But do share someday about your interesting experiences in Palika bazar with me, also.

Ena said...

Abhishek, I completely agree that SHG's are really helpful and helps boost our confidence. The key is believing in oneself. A beautiful and touching poem..Keep writing and sharing.....it helps

J P Sunda said...

Wow!! Abhishek u really know how to inspire people by using poems! With your hard work, you have helped a lot of people in Delhi. Keep writing.

sikander said...

Great inspiration post Abhi!, Thanks for writing.Keep writing so that we get motivated.


abhishek said...

thanks a lot to sachin sir , jp sir , sikander sir and ena.

Er. Umesh 9068322345 said...

I like your poems very much. It inspires our deep senses. Thanks to TISA which give us a poet like you!

Pinakin said...

Thank you Abhishek for taking the initiative so we got a chance to participate in a workshop. Wonderful poem!