September 15, 2011

Kaun Banega Crorepati...?

Watching ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ on television has always been entertaining and fun. But it can inspire too! Today’s episode of KBC was one such episode- which really inspired, taught and reminded me of a few fundamentals which we often forget or don’t bother to remember.

Today there was a participant named Yusuf Mallu, from Rajastan. He couldn’t sit on the famous ‘Hot Seat’, because he was playing the game seated on a wheelchair. A former bank employee, who met with an unfortunate accident that paralysed him from neck to toe. Impressed with his grit, Amitabh Bachchan fulfilled his wish of conversing with Aishwarya Rai (over phone), and they discussed how he (Yusuf) got inspired by the film Guzaarish, and how he could relate with the protagonist.

But the real inspiration was yet to come. When Yusuf was at his 10th question for Rs. 25 lakhs, he couldn’t answer it. Opting for a lifeline, he phoned a friend, who couldn’t be of much help. As per the rules of the game, he could either gamble in with a guess, or quit! But with a smiling face he said to Mr. Bachchan-  In my life, I never like to say ‘I quit’. Main Akalmandi karna chahunga (I would like to do the wise thing). With those words, he quit the game. Though he couldn’t win a crore, he won a lot more hearts, and inspired them too!

Once in a while, we should stop and try to be like Yusuf, and see the brighter side of life. I feel disabilities sometimes can be great teachers. Disabilities can make way to the stronger being hidden inside a person. It reminds me of what Hrithik Roshan said in his famous interview- “Everything happens for a reason. God is preparing you for something”.

It also reminds me of the inspirational scene in the movie ‘Front of the Class’. Where the protagonist addresses a crowd and says-
“What can you possibly learn from a disability?
- You learn to keep going
- You learn not to let it stop you
- You learn not to let it win

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sachin said...

Yes- even these routine entertainers often have nuggets of gold hidden in there.. Accepting that you dont know the answer, and exiting gracefully- wow, yes, that is a skill which many of us need to learn. Some "diehards" will say: Never accept defeat, keep fighting! But they miss a fine point: "defeat" at one front is not equal to defeat at every front. You retreat here, advance there and keep your sight at the FINAL goal in life..
Thanks for a post full of insight..