September 25, 2011

A Great Evening...

We met here today again in Nehru Park. Rahul and I were accompanied by a new member today... His name will not be published on his request. We had a good 2 hour discussion about each other's experiences and fears. Rahul and I briefed him about the Goa Workshop (for which he had registered, but had to cancel his registration due to some unavoidable circumstances). I had shared with him a lot of material on stuttering when he told me about his unavailability during the workshop. He shared some of the things he read in the 'Self Therapy for the Stutterer', by Malcolm Fraser, and how it helps him. 

Santosh then joined in from Kolhapur on phone... We had a great evening together. 

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lalit said...

g8t harish sir....iam sure after few meeting that new member allow u to publish his name