September 1, 2011

Go For It

I dont know about my future. I have a huge bank debt to pay back. My first girlfriend dumped me. I am 25 and still haven't got any major professional Expereince.

Still when i sit down, bow my heads down and talk with myself - I say i have seen and felt many beautiful things  and i wanna continue to expereince what life has in store for me - better or worse.

I stuttered through my IELTS exam, stuttered to find my way from Cochin to Kuala Lumpur and from Kuala Lumpur to Christchurch, got little Lost in the airport and stuttered to the service counters. All the way i was alone, as this was not a friendship blasting exercise for me but a quest to find a worth for my life riddled with stuttering. I again stuttered my way here to get a casual part time job.

From one Gods own country to another Gods own Country. The only thing I clutched in my hands was my faith and I still hold it dear to my heart.And i say it here because a lamp hidden under a bed does no good.

Life goes by , seasons come and go.

Back home, it was my mom who always cooked and washed for me and if i get my visa extended, i wont see my loved ones anytime near.

I continue to struggle with my stammer and loneliness. But i hope to gain a different view of life. A long journey is always good. It soothes ones quest. I am presently in a country on the tip of the world, one of the last to be settled by humans, in one of the realms ruled by King George's Daughter.

A journey is Good , as Santiago in "The Alchemist" takes it.

To end the post, as someone said,  its not the destination, but the journey that matters more.

Shorn Jacob
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Ashish Agarwal said...

To know that you are alone is the greatest transformation that can happen to you - OSHO

Just enjoy the moments........

Satyendra said...

Yes, life is a great teacher- we just need to be open and humble- that's all..