August 11, 2011

Vipassana - right here, right now

Dear all PWS readers!!!

Hope you all are very well at your places.

Vipassana meditation is a very familiar name for all of us; we have heard about it a lot of times from all the core team members of TISA including Dr.Sachin himself.

I have been lucky to attend a 10 day Vipassana meditation course more than 2 years back.

Vipassana, was re- discovered in india by beloved Gautam Buddha.Vipassana means to see the things as they are.

I hope, all the TISA members would try atleast one Vipassana meditation camp in their life time.

In the meanwhile, i would like to give a brief description about this wonderful technique.

We can practice Vipassana throughout the day, while sitting, while sleeping, while standing & while talking too :-)

Although it is best to practice 2 hours a day, 1 hour in the morning & another before sleeping in night.

But we can practice whenever we can spare some time & can relax.

All we would need is to start observing the in-out process of our breathing. Closing our eyes will make it much easier to concentrate on breathing. During the course, various past experiences & future anticipations will keep on wondering in our mind & try to distract our focus on breathing.

Initially, very few & very minute moments of breathing observation would be possible; most of the time, our mind would be filled with either past good/bad experiences or future good/bad anticipations.

But with course of time, significant longer focus on breathing would be possible for us.

If we keep on practicing....we will experience a whole lot of lovely lively experiences :-)

Doing Vipassna, i have observed very clearly that all the thoughts striking my mind used to be very fragile.One moment i was 5 years back some where & another moment, i was roaming some where few years ahead, figuring my future.

This experience is applicable fully to our fear of stammering too.Just like all other thoughts, fear of stammering is also a very very temporary thought.But to realize it, daily practice of vipassana is very necessary.

So happy meditating all :-)

Important note :- This brief is not at all intended to explain all the aspects of technique of vipassana.Vipassana is science of mind.Requested to attend atleast one 10 days residential course for better understanding. Refer to - for further information.

Thanx for reading.


Anupinder Singh said...

very good...informative post.....keep it up Ashish

Raj said...

i am registered and my course is going to start from october 18 th ..... i am excited.

Raj said...

i joined vipasana.....course wil start from oct 18

Vinay Pawar said...

Raj..what is your experience of vipasana... please share with TISA family

Priya said...

very informative...will bring this to practice :) thank you